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Welcome back, everyone! You know how it goes, you're about to get stoked with what's happening in Gnarnia!

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Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes

We prefer a world where kids aren't sold energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we've formed a DAO to rethink how extreme athletes get sponsored.

Gnars are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

Based on Nouns open source and CC0 artwork, they're stored fully on-chain with no external dependencies. Each one gets you a DAO vote and memberships are available at auction, forever.

Gnars are dedicated to supporting the artistry of extreme athletes

News and Updates

That’s Gnarly Drops

The submissions on continue to wow us all, this truly is a revolutionary way to highlight the creativity of extreme athletes. Gnars are stoked to be pushing the envelope every day! We’re minting a new open edition every single day at Gnar O’ Clock (9:30pm EST / 2:30am UTC) and trust me, you don’t want to miss them. Check out today’s Daily Drop and come back at Gnar O’ Clock for the next one!

This past week we had an extra special drop. Gnars athlete Will Dias’ submission was selected as the top submission for the first weekly 1/1 auction! His clip is a series of him doing tricks on these sick noggles. Watch it on!

Upcoming Gnars Upgrades

There is an active proposal for some pretty major protocol upgrades that everyone should be ready for. The most important one is a significant change to the way Gnars auctions function. To date, we have not had auction extensions, which is great on one hand because it has given us the opportunity for some fun times in the #🔨┥auctions channel sniping each other (iykyk). But on the other, it encourages people to wait until the last second and bid the minimum they think will win. So when the next gnarving occurs in approximately 260 auctions, expect there to be extensions on the auctions if you bid in the final minutes! (If you aren’t aware, gnarvings are the auction mechanic where the length of each Gnars auction doubles after every 1000 minutes.)

There will additionally be some frontend upgrades that will include new features like a gnarving countdown timer, updated UIs for voting and delegation, NNS (.⌐◨-◨) name resolution, and more. As well as a variety of backend upgrades such as hosts, various refactoring and optimizations, and a migration away from our current Safe/Snapshot setup to DAO executor.



We have lots of exciting proposal ideas constantly in the works. Please take a look and give feedback in the discord forum!


  • Gnarly Smoke Lounge/Co-Working Space at ETHDenver

This proposal is to sponsor a 2 day event for a smoke lounge and co-working space at ETHDenver. Attendees will be provided free entry with an ETHDenver badge and be provided Gnars DAO talks, giveaways, free joints, and more by the Gnars ambassadors Pin Pusher and Vlad. In addition to live painting and auctions, there will also be a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Contest and a Skate Contest at the local skatepark.

Discord Thread | Proposal

  • Set the Stage for Others to Shine

This proposal is requesting funding for protocol upgrades as previously discussed within the DAO. These upgrades include the implementation of auction extensions, migrating the DAO treasury from Gnosis Safe and Snapshot to DAO executor (similar to Nouns/Lil Nouns), and a variety of frontend and backend updates including voting and delegation UI, gnarving countdown, NNS resolution, and more.


  • Sponsor Ground Catch x Gnars 3-Day Event

Ground Catch is a filipino skateboarding club founded in 2010. BossJ is requesting funding for a 3 day event in Tuguegarao City where they will host tournaments, information sessions to onboard skaters into Gnars DAO, the creation of obstacles to skate on, content creation, and more.

Discord Thread | Proposal


  • Commission Lil Bubble for 3 Tracks

This proposal is seeking to commission 3 new tracks to be made by Lil Bubble. Lil Bubble will create 3 original tracks, artwork, and track stems, with each original track being available as an open edition mint at increasing prices.

Discord Thread | Proposal

  • Onboarding Pedro Nem into Gnars Community

Pedro has participated in several onboarding sessions and took part in the I LOVE XV event sponsored by Gnars. Check him out shredding the noggles on his instagram. This proposal is requesting 1 Gnar to distribute to skater Pedro Nem as part of the Gnars onboarding process.

Discord Thread | Proposal

This proposal is requesting 50 Gnars from the treasury to seed the That’s Gnarly platform with rewards for athletes.

Discord Thread | Proposal

  • Gnarly News Newsletter

This proposal requested funding for this newsletter! It covers retroactive funding for past newsletters and funding for the next 3 months of newsletters.

Discord Thread | Proposal


  • Gnars Hive Account Management

This proposal is seeking to fund Knowhow92 for the management of the Gnars community account on the Hive blockchain. Management includes several weekly posts and engaging with content posted by other SkateHive members as part of the Gnars SkateHive “decentralized sponsorship”.

Discord Thread | Proposal

  • Sponsor Carlos Salinas

Carlos is a young athlete on the path to becoming a professional skier. He has been accepted by the Andorran Ski Federation and is going through his first FIS year (International Ski Federation). He is requesting 3 ETH to fund content creation, custom helmet artwork, and merch for him to join the Gnars team.

Discord Thread | Proposal

Community Highlights

Gami’s Appearance on Mint Podcast

Adam Levy just published the latest episode of Mint Podcast where he interviews Gami! They had a wide-ranging conversation on Gami’s background and how he found crypto, psychedelic experiences, Nouns, Gnars, and more. Click the link in the tweet below to give it a listen.

Alps DAO and Nouns Proposal 218

Our very own Benbodhi has submitted a really interesting opportunity to Nouns on behalf of Alps DAO for a year-long sponsorship of the Rusutsu Resort in Japan! Read the full proposal here.

Daily Drop at Gnar O’ Clock!

Every day on That’s Gnarly a new open edition drops at Gnar O’ Clock (9:30pm EST / 2:30am UTC) and hosts a live show on The Noun Square!

SkateHive and the Gnars Shredding Report

Check out the latest Gnars Shredding Report published on SkateHive! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out SkateHive and SurfHive, where you can publish content and get paid for it!

Banner Artist

This week’s newsletter banner was created by Ilustradora! Check her out on twitter!

Gnars Jam Sessions Podcast
Be sure to tune in every Thursday night at 8:00pm EST to catch the Jam Session live in action! Don’t stress if you can’t make it, all episodes will be published as a podcast for you to stream at your convenience.

Gnars Jam Sessions Podcast

Be sure to tune in every Thursday night at 8:00pm EST to catch the Jam Session live in action! Don’t stress if you can’t make it, all episodes will be published as a podcast for you to stream at your convenience.

In Other Nouns

Did you know there are quite a few other nounish newsletters? Take a peek at our favorites at

A new experimental for auctioning off Nouns bids has gone live over at!

An awesome new onboarding resource has been launched over at This is only a soft launch, but as you can tell this will quickly become a very valuable resource.

Nouns is on Reddit, are you?

Interested in Builder DAO? Check out the latest newsletter below.

Ever used a gif of a meme you love but with noggles on it? Odds are it’s thanks to the Goat Club. Check out their wrap up of Prop 90 below.

That’s all for this week! Keep proliferating and stay Gnarly ⌐◨-◨ 🤘


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