My friends in Puerto Ordaz set up a little space to skate.

Hello friends how are you?

For a few months the Puerto Ordaz team had a problem with police people, for skating in a private place.

But it is a lie, the boys have been skating in that place for more than 5 years, and from one day to the next the police began to get them out of the place.

They told me that they skate and they are aware of the time to see the police and run away, but it is not good to be skating while waiting for something to happen.

There is nothing more beautiful than skating with a calm mind.
Little by little they moved, talking to people to find a place and they made new appliances. Today they sent me this photo of the new place where they are.

And they can skate with all the freedom in the world and it is a place with a roof and the devices look incredible, I hope to go skating soon.

I hope they pass me more photos and videos.


SKATEBOARDING is not a crime, it is freedom, it is a way of life.

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