Knowing 4 models of VEC brand tables, with VENEZUELAN product designs.

Hello friends how are you?

Today I will show you 4 models of VEC tables, with designs of Venezuelan products, the first time one sees those designs draws a lot of attention.

I've always wanted to skate a board with these designs.


Design number 11 is of a pepito, a very popular bauble here in my country, only they changed the name from pepito to VEC.


Design 12 is a beer and one of my favorites is too good, this design is incredible.


Diseño 13 is a product called little devil, it is used for food, arepas and in bread it is too rich.


The latest design is of a skim milk well known in the country, the VEC brand did a great job with those designs.


Do you know any of these products?

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