My Quest for Stoken and Skater's Archenemy: Pigeons!

What's up Hive and Gaming community!

What got me into have was no other than the popular game called Splinterlands and I'm really thankful that I discovered and learned a lot from this ecosystem! Today I've tried another game called Quest for Stoken thanks to a Contest organized by @OCD that I would gladly take part in!

This old school 2D design brings a lot of nostalgia when I was a kid playing countless hours similar games like Super Mario Adventure and Metal Slug and having tons of fun. So here am I, many years later, going back to a similar kind a plays!

By accessing the game's Website it took some time (a couple of minutes) to load and finally getting ready by giving the indication to Press Spacebar Let's ROCK & ROLL

When first getting into the game, I started randomly pressing bottons to get to know how to control the character and understand the dynamics of this game

When you get next to that computer; it'll give you a hint about what's coming next or some basic infos at the beggining of the game. If you didn't start yet the game, this table will show you the commands to control Mr Skater

SpacebarJump; Double Jump if pressed twice
ShiftAttack with a Sword
ZShield through a US Armor
XInteracting with objects exp lit a bonfire
ArrowsCharacter movements

Interacting with a Bonfire or a Wallet will reward you with Coins to collect (not mandatory for game progression)

Oh I forgot to mention that at the top left of the screen you'll find Marijuana as your Health Bar (that dude really high) and Hive Icon as your Lives Left, sometimes after slaying a Monster, it'll drop some Marijuana to regen your Health Bar

During the first stage, you'll come into a random Alien charging right into you, you can either attack it or Dodge like a boss by jumping See ya Dude!

Getting past the 1st stage is easy, so here comes the 2nd stage where I'm happily swinging my Sword

Until I've come right into This

I can't remember how many times I've lost my life and fell down into that hole because of this freaking Pigeon, it's been quite some time I wasn't tilted by a game haha

After countless tries (no worries I didn't break my keyboard :p) I finally cleared this 2nd level!
When I finally thought I wouldn't come across another Pigeon on the 3rd stage

A swarm of fuking Pigeons are following me until the end of Earth!

And as if it wasn't enough, The King of these fuking Pigeons was after my Arse!

I'm glad I've stayed calm after all this struggle
Or not ...

Soo finally into the 3rd Stage where you found a Swag Mona Liza and a Painting with someone playing the Guitar... I mean a Skate

Kudos to this game's designers! You guys are full of creativity :D

The 4th Stage was really difficult and couldn't get past it, at least Aliens are difficult to beat but not as tilting as Pigeons!

I lost the battle but the war is still On! Better luck next time!

My Take on this Game

  • I wasn't really tilted but it was for the sake to make this post a bit lively! The game is cool with an appropriate level of difficulty; not an easy one that makes us get bored but rather a challenging adventure!
  • That Hive Logo is a great promotion to this awesome blockchain
  • This nostalgic graphic! and the in-game music feel right!
  • However please consider to switch the attack key Shift to another one, not only it's uncomfortable to press but also activite the sticky key popup while the monster is attacking you and you suffer like a couple of hits for nothing.
  • Maybe add an option to change to Controller configuration.

Again I really like this game and I'm glad I've discovered it!

About OCD x Stoken Contest:

Screenshots are taken from the game Quest For Stoken

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