Stone - Magic - Mirror: The Rock/Paper/Scissor of the current Splinterlands meta


As it so often happens the Splinterlands meta seems to have settled into to a healthy groove. While the whales are using the Legendary summoners and the new players are using the starter cards the vast majority of us are figuring out how to best use the cards in that massive middle ground. More than any other cards three summoners have come to define the early meta. Today, before Chaos Legion releases in the coming weeks, I thought it would be worth taking some time to talk about this first ever Splinterlands meta.


Put simply, Alric is a bit of a problem. Magic Damage is the most powerful of the three damage types and Alric boosts your magic damage. When it comes to picking your first summoner simply from a power level view, it's hard to say any of the other Rare summoners can real deal with Alric at all.


Except for Owster Rotwell. If you are trying to deal with Magic damage there are very few more effective ways to do so than with Magic Reflect. I think there is a lot of credence to Death having one of the most robust summoner ability sets. Across the various Death summoners you've got an ability to shift the battle in your favor, as long as you can predict the damage type you are going to be facing.

When a disproportionate amount of people are playing Magic the meta will respond with more people picking up Rotwell out of frustration.


Who am I playing the most these days? Hands down, my guy Mylor Crowling. The ability to add Thorns to your monsters is massive and gets better the more mana you have. My favorite thing about Earth at the moment is how well you can stack abilities with it. My current favorite line is something like Mylor / Stone Golem / Wood Nymph / Ooze. Earth has the ability to play opposite of Death, so buff up and destroy your opponents!


This, of course, brings us back to Alric. Alric is, as mentioned, a goddamn problem. The ability to add magic damage onto the deepest bench of great magic attack creatures in the game is substantial. Where Alric really seems to spin out of control is when he is teamed with magic attack monsters like Ruler of the Seas or Axemaster. While I'm often able to sneak past Alrics by playing Owster Rotwell Alric destroys even my best Mylor builds.


When that magic damage is pouring in it's going to hit armor and melt right through it or a mirror and fly back at the caster. Making sure the magic attacks that come your way don't burn you up is a key to staying alive in the Splinterlands and, before everything changes with the release of Chaos Legion, this is worth planning for.

So plan ahead!

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