Tournaments in Splinterlands are UNFAIR. Come and rant with me, lets try to change this! + Giveaway

Tournaments are Unfair for new players.

New players need their own kind of tournaments!

Hi All! Im EDUSAN, an avid Splinterlands player for about 2 months. Im enjoying the gameplay, the earnings, fighting my way up the ladder, fighting my way up the power, fighting my way up the loot chests and fighting my way up the Dec gains!

But there is something im not enjoying... TOURNAMENTS



Little info on what are tournaments, just for the sake of context:

Tournaments are... well, tournaments, in which you pay a fee (be it Dec or SPS) upfront to enter


You do some Best of 1, or best of 3 battles against other participants, until you get disqualified. Once the tournament ends, with some luck, based on your final placement, you earn some prizes (which are already announced before you enter the tournament)


These tournaments have some:

  • Requirements: For example: having a minimun amount of power or minimun amount of staked sps
  • Conditions: Rules that apply to the decks that can be used in the tournament

And here is the problem. I believe High League players are abusing this system.

The way Requirements and Conditions are implemented punishes New Players



Requirements are shown as "minimun of something that is needed to enter the tournament" Most of the Official tournaments held by Splinterlands use this (I havent seen it in other tournaments)


What does this mean? ONLY people that met this amount of power can join.

So lets say i have 1k power. I can join the tournament, but there is nothing stopping someone with 1millon power to enter too.
I will be wasting my hard earned currency to enter that tournament. The only way it can work is:

  1. Lots of 1k power players enter the tournament together with me and im faced against them
  2. I somehow dodge the 1million power players that also joined and i Hope that they battle each other and disqualified themselves
  3. I made it into a position in which the earning is higher than my spending

And is VERY frustrating to have to fight someone full of legendaries and golden cards and a super summoner. Its just a massacre

What should be done about this?

I think the most obvious thing to do here is add a maximun power cap. Let players between 1k power to 5k power enter the tournament and try to battle each other. YES, 5k power could be (potentially) a lot more available cards than 1k, but with battlefield rules this can get pretty even.

Now lets tackle the 2nd issue here



This is something that has troubled me a lot and i dont understand why its not implemented.

How do they work conditions work?

They let players that join the tournament play with specific expansions, without legendary cards and with a Summoner/Monster level cap according to a league


So, for example in Bronze League like the screenshot above, you are allowed to play with level 3 commons, level 2 rares, level 2 epics and level 1 legendaries


Now, why do I saw that this is bad for new players? Because a Bronze guy that is fairly new doesnt have a lot of level 3 commons, level 2 rares, level 2 epics, or even a legendary card, but in a "bronze league" tournament, these kind of levels are allowed (which means the selected summoner must be AT LEAST LEVEL 2), and who has this kind of cards? High level players

So again... a new player that joins a tournament with level 1 summoners and level 1 cards (which is expected from players in bronze trying to grind cards to reach the power for the next league), will waste their HARD EARNED currency in this tournament because he will probably have no chance against leveled up decks.

What should be done about this?

This one is trickier than the issue with requirements, but i think there could be 2 possible solutions
  1. Compare both opponents, and make the player with higher level cards use the level of the cards of the lower level player.
    For example: I have a lvl 3 Sandworm and im against someone who has a level 1 sandworm. If i were to use the sandworm, it will appear as level 1. But if both players own a level 3 sandworm then thats the level that will be played

  2. Make all the cards be of the highest level possible in the league, no matter if the player owns that card at that level.
    For example: I have a lvl 1 sandworm, which is a common card. If i use it in a bronze league tournament, it will appear as a level 3.
    If i dont have the card of course i cant use it

  3. This option is weird and could potentially be used as a special type of rule that is "make the owner of the tournament select the pool of cards that can be used and their level". Doing this it will allign all power, making the tournament really be about skills


Summary (TLDR)


New players cant compete in tournaments because they get matched against people with a lot more powerful cards and more leveled up cards than what they own.
  • Create a power cap to enter the tournament, make it a fair match.
  • Help allign the cards available and their powers, make a tournament be about winning with skills and not by buying it.




How to enter the giveaway?

Just upvote the post and leave a comment with your HONEST thoughts about how tournaments are implemented! I really want to see if you readers and players have the same opinion. I feel discouraged to enter tournaments, but this might not be the case for you. If you are a high level player also comment, the experience might be different in your league! Please! comment your point of view!

I will chose the winner in 3 days by selecting the best comment myself

I really hope this get checked by someone with enough collection power in life to at least consider making tournaments a more friendly place to have fun without lowering our Dec Capture Rate!


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Edit: @andy-plays won the giveaway! Sending him the card as soon as he sends me his SPL user!

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