Joe Biden Poops Himself Regularly: Makes Airforce Clean It Up

I told u this I posted it on blockchain months ago... I said two things would happen...Biden says n word live recorded..... and Biden poops his pants

I cant wait to see the black people on the left protest Biden for refusing to admit or apologize that he said the n word on TV under his breath


Joe biden will publicly have an ACKZADENT live with dedication I mean defication

And then Biden will say the N word maybe under his breath and then go "oops" and theyll cover it up...but black people will demand he admits apologizes and resigns... Kamala will be forced forced resign and blm storms the Whitehouse takes photos like taliban lol or they get shot at and trump supporters and military have to come help them and together they take all buildings

If black people discover the vaccine is killing blacks with heart failure like @projectveritas proved lol hahaha they'll be PISSED and unleash HELL on the one will care about cocid or vaccine or passports

Can't go to work without vaccine? If they burn down the building you ALSO can't go to work

No grocery stores for unwanted? Its ok BLM will burn it down after realizing they got tuskeegeeaiemenned

Then we build a new nation together from the ashes of the PRISON we HAD to burn down.

SO IT IS WRITTEN so it shall be

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