In 2016 12M Americans Believed Reptillian ET Rule Us...I Bet That Number Is Way Higher Today. Is That Consensus? Lol

2016 Guardian News Post Reported 12Million Americans Believed In Reptillian ET "Rule Us" lol Probably WAY higher Number Now With Qanon Existing Now Right? But Aren't They Right With Government Tic Tac Disclosure? US Military Had To Admit Ufos Are Intelligent And Real And Fly Circles Around Them 🔵 2016 article says it all haha 12 million people believed in reptillians back then.

Must be more now after the government and all the branches of the military had to announce or sign off on or be associated with all these ufo files OFFICIALLY coming out

Not a conspiracy theory anymore lol

David Icke is a hero in London and was 100% right
Alex jones was the real turd in the punch bowl! Hah but aj can redeem himself to the new generation and the old by irl live streaming and making that popular maybe stage s few street brawls with Joe rogan on 6th st with all these irl live streamers hahaha have our own rules and mobile fight clubs hahaha

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