Scrap and Salvage HivePUD Incentive


Do you have an appliance at home that doesn't work anymore?

Maybe someone left an old desktop computer near the dumpster at work?

Perhaps you found an old Ikea table that you want to turn into a shoeshine stand?
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Obviously you are a pioneer and will put your own image here

Whatever your story is, we want to hear about it.

The Scrap and Salvage community is sponsoring a one month delegation of 50 HP and will power up 5 Hive to one or two posts about scrapping, salvaging or upcycling that is posted to Scrap and Salvage (@hive-172022) by a member of the community.

The rules are pretty simple.

  1. You participate in #HivePUD, or #HPUD if you are in the Spanish community. Details here.
  2. You are a member of @hive-172022 and publish a post about scrapping, salvaging, or upcycling between now and July 31 2022.
  3. Tell us what you kept from going to the landfill.

I think that's it!

On August 1 2022 we will choose two posts (optimistic that two people will post but hey, you might say I'm a dreamer) to get the prizes. The first choice will get to choose whether they want the 5 HP powered up in their account or the 50 HP delegation for the month. Whatever they don't choose will go to the second poster. If there is only one, they will get both prizes.

Alright, let's get to scrappin'!

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