RE: How can we host a website on our own computers or what are the other options available?

If we can save America, then aspects of the Internet could be protected to some extent. On top of that, an Internet Bill of Rights could be revolutionary. Finding ways to get laws to protect the Internet is critical but also tricky too.

Therefore, it is also important to, at the same time, put important things onto the Internet but in different countries via things like Bit Torrent, IPFS, blockchain networks like Hive Blog, etc.

Governments have tried stopping Bitcoin which is mined in computers, servers, devices, etc, in different nations and places around the world. So my belief is that it is mostly a two-front war as I mentioned above. We seek after rightful laws but at the same time we have to play keep away. If the Internet was a ball, then we have to pass the ball around country to country as the control freaks are the monkeys in the middle trying to steal the ball from us.

But of course we shouldn't be playing keep away from the globalists who are tackling us to the ground. It's possible they could take over every single country in the world. As the United States of America falls, then keep away becomes more tackle everyone to the ground.

So, the main focus should be at trying to save America which has been the main heart and center and foundation to the Internet.

ICANN appears to be the only organization or the main group at least which governs domain name servers (DNS) and systems which translates domain names into IP addresses. The good news is that there are ways around those name servers. There are ways to make your own DNS systems or to use alternative DNSes. But I agree we should stop or reform ICANN or do something. But in the meanwhile, finding ways around kill-switches is critical. Finding ways to use encryption to increase privacy online, to use proxies, VPNs, TOR, etc.

Would you compare Aaron Swartz to Edward Snowden or Julian Assange?

The only thing better than democracy is that of a republic. I say that because aspects of democracies may be that of mob-rule. So, I believe that the original intent of the founding fathers, people like George Washington, was that of limited republic. I hear some people may be against the concept of a Direct Republic and then there are probably others too.

For the most part, I promote limiting federal and international governments, I want powers and control to migrate back to state and local levels to minimize national tyranny as much as possible.

I believe in trying to get involved politically like I said in saving different countries and especially the USA. But at the same time, I believe in trying to play keep away from the globalists and specifically in hiding servers and computers and hard drives and devices and different machines, hardware, etc, in the earth, in the ground, in the forest, in the ocean, deep in the ground, in satellites, on the moon, in space, in the air, on other planets, in houses, under houses, in caves, on islands, on the North Pole, in the desert, in the jungles, at the bottom of lakes, in rivers, hidden in mud, under the streets, hidden inside rocks, embedded in mountains, buried inside trees, in different countries, nations, continents, states, cities, villages, territories, etc, all around the world, have them encrypted, make copies all over the world, have them run via solar power and Tesla free energy and other power sources simultaneously.

In other words, I believe in hard-core keep away. Every time globalists try to tackle us to the ground to get the ball, I say cut the ball in half like a Star Fish and begin tossing around 2 balls instead of one. When one ball is captured, when they capture one flag in capture the flag, let's get back up with double the amount of balls and flags.

But like you said, we shouldn't be playing this game in the first place and we should find ways to reform laws and everything else in a pursuit to eliminate or at least minimize some of this as much as possible these next few decades, that is in the 2020s and onward towards the 2050s and beyond as much as possible.

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