Is Sofia Date a scam or why can't I find my own profile on that website?

I made three accounts on Sofia Date in order to see if I could find myself via the different accounts, the different profiles. The URL link or web address for this website is and you can join for free. It costs money to send messages to the other accounts but the search engine is free.

The identification number or ID for my first account is ID 1077365899. I dare you to go type that into the search engine on Sofia Date. You may not find me with it. If you try to type in my display name or username or other names or keywords, I do not think that would work either.

Account 01 - ID 1077365899 - Male
Account 02 - ID 1209232954 - Female
Account 03 - ID 2131737397 - Male

Can you find me there?

Log into Sofia Date for free and search for my ID. If your account is female, lookup my two male accounts, that is my first account, ID 1077365899, and my third account, ID 2131737397. Tell me if you see anything. If your account is male, then look up my female account, that is my second account, ID 1209232954. Most likely, you will be unable to find me. And yet the other accounts can find me.

My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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Screenshot at 2021-08-18 19:30:23 Sofia Date.png

My first account on Sofia Date.

Is Sofia Date a scam or why can't I find my own profile on that website?
Oatmeal Daily - 2021-08-18 - Wednesday | Published in August of 2021

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Sofia Date Log
2021-06-30 - Wednesday - I joined Sofia Date - ID 1077365899 - 1st account.
And in July or August, I made a second account, this one being female, ID 1209232954 - 2nd account.
2021-08-17 - Tuesday - I made my third account - ID 2131737397 - 3rd account.

The first account I made back in June of 2021 was male. The second account I made was female so I could try to find my first account via looking up the ID. The third account I made in August of 2021 was male, same as my first account. I will most likely abandon these three accounts.

I've been using the Internet since the 1990s. I've been banned many times many places for a many years now. I think I've been censored on Sofia Date or it could be technical difficulties on their end. It could be a combination of things.

I've been creating and keeping logs of being censored on the world wide web. I've been keeping an archive journal of different social media networks I've been on over the years.

I've written at length the details of a wide variety of things relating to my own autobiography and to a wide variety of topics on top of that. I write at length but I also try to summarize things as often as I can to try to keep things as simple as possible. But as the nerd I am, I'm big into the details, I try to collect every inch of details I can get my hands on.

Specifically in regards to Sofia Date, I know it is a website for dating. It appears that some of the women are real and I cannot exactly say how many of the hundreds or thousands of women there are real or what have you. It is possible that some accounts are run by men or other women. It is possible all of the accounts are fake. The photos look real or at least some of them look real.

This is a quick review of this app, this site. Sofia Date is stimulating. The second account I made was female meaning I'm probably not going to get messages from other women on that account. It might not even be possible. But I have been getting identical messages at times sent to my first account and third account meaning the female accounts send out spam messages or canned messages and chat and email or letters which are copied and pasted again and again.

A real person can copy and paste the same message to multiple accounts. I've done that. So, that does not mean you are a Russian Bot if you are caught repeating yourself. Oddly, some of them are from Russia or so they say. This website may be from England or some other European country near England. I forget the exact details and that does not mean it is a fake website.

It may be that the website, the company, the people, whoever they might be, perhaps they pay the women and/or men and/or whatever money to send messages to men and maybe even women too in an attempt to get them to pay money and everything. With my first account, I was given roughly 30 credits (for free) and was able to send a few messages to women for free until the credits went to zero.

After that, in July and August of 2021, I've uploaded hundreds or possibly thousands of screenshots to my first profile account ID 1077365899 as my way of trying to communicate to the female accounts there without having to buy credits to actually message them directly. Some of the women noticed this and some of them said I was cheating my way around the rules of the need to pay for the credits.

I would also update my screen name or display name, my description, and preferences, in order to send them messages, feedback, comments, replies, to ask them questions.

The purpose of this post is to beg people to look for any of my 3 accounts on Sofia Date. That is the main reason why I'm writing this, I want to see if anybody can find me. I will assume that only the paid staff can. I assume that a few people are paid to keep users interested in buying more credits.

So, do any of these alleged females end up meeting alleged men in real life to go on to hookup for dating? I have no idea but I would say that even if that does happen sometimes, it is possible that some of those women will end up breaking up with the men after a while or who knows depending on each individual case. But in the end, whether they ever end up marrying or not, it is likely that those women would continue to work for Sofia Date.

Prove me wrong.

That is another reason I am writing this, for the record, you can prove me wrong which would be tough to do and I am being as generous as I can regarding the details and everything.

I've told them how to find me many times on Sofia Date.

You can Google my name, Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn, to find me on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, maybe Twitter or maybe not, Hive Blog, Steemit, Gab, Minds, Bitchute, etc. You can find me on forums, websites, etc. Just lookup certain keywords, my username which is Joeyarnoldvn or Oatmealjoey, other display names or screen names, other keywords, other combinations of words, in different search engines. You can click on Contact to see how you can contact and where you can find me on different sites online. I can list for you many dozens of places where you might find me. I am everywhere. I try to be everywhere. I can talk all day about it.

My email address is

I tell the accounts on Sofia Date they can find me if they like me or if they want to. There is no excuse not to. After almost 2 months, none of the hundreds to thousands of alleged female accounts have contacted me outside of their website. I use my laptop to access Sofia.

My conclusion is that some of the women here appear somewhat real in that some of them appear to speak or to write with broken English. I guess that could be faked too. I'm thinking of sharing some of my Sofia Date Log here or in future posts. I've written things you would not believe or well, what can I say except I do things to see how people will react.

I may talk more about some of that later on but for now I just wanted to let you know that my first account was partly disabled a week or so ago. I think it happened in August of 2021. Oh, I first noticed this at 2021-08-11 - Wednesday - 12:53 AM. At that time, I was only able to update my profile picture or avatar. I was no longer able to edit or delete content from my display name, description, preferences, details on my profile, or my photos. So, I assume they disabled my account minus my ability to update my avatar. I wonder why they didn't disable that too.

But I would love to get other people to comment on this. I have read some reviews on Sofia Date from a few people. One guy said he was able to get girls to say his name in videos they sent him. So, they are probably real according to that. But it is like they are paid or something. And my male accounts cannot see my female account which can't see my male accounts. I made those three accounts to test that theory I had. The fact there is no personalized URLs for different accounts is fishy. Yeah, it is like email in a sense. Emails do not have custom URLs. Email is something you do. You can send messages to email addresses but they don't have custom web addresses. And Sofia might be like that or maybe not.

I don't know, like I said, if Sofia Date is a scam or misleading or a wide variety of things and to what extent. I don't know so many things about everything. I want to try to share some of my experiences and observations and such so I can help other people. I am still collecting information regarding Sofia Date and will try to continue to report on it as I can. I feel some of this may be relevant and helpful for others.

You can Google this. Find a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Duck Duck Go, etc. Lookup Sofia Date. Some people have written articles about Sofia Date in order to answer that great amazing question, which came first the chicken or the egg? No, not that question, damn it, Ahahaha. The real question is if Sofia Date is a scam and/or other things? In future articles and posts, I should probably include links to some of those articles perhaps. Maybe I should make some videos about all of this. If you're curious, you can go check out what others have said about Sofia. And who is Sofia? I have no idea.

I have experimented on Sofia Date these past few months. I want to share some of that here in future posts but before I go, one interesting thing I want to note is the reactions I get when I put as my display name on my third account that Covid Vaccines are killing people. I tell them to go check out Infowars Alex Jones at or or and you can Google it too. Videos are on and other places.

It seems that over 90% of the messages I get are canned or something which ignores my display name. Like pretty automated and stuff like I said before, copy and paste chat. So, it is as if they're bots. And maybe some are bots. Hard to say either way. It is possible some are bots and some are not. That's normal online. But out of the remaining ten percent or less, most of them say they're getting the Covid Vaccines, that they already got it or will or they ask me if I am crazy or if I am doctor. Some of them asked me which vaccine I got. I never said I got any. Some of them ask me if I got Covid or sick or something. Some of them say they have to or will have to get vaccinated. They will have to get the shot. No. They cannot fire everyone. I write about Covid, the vaccines, etc, on my daily blog and other places. Like, I am writing about it all the time.

In 2019, I wrote a song and uploaded a video to YouTube singing it, I said and sung, "If you don't want to stay alive, just stick it in your arm, stick it in your arm arm arm." So, I can talk for days about this and thousands of other topics. I am also on Tagged at and my display name is very similar as it says something like that Covid Vaccines are killing millions to billions of people in the 2020s, these next few years, making people infertile, giving them cancer, autoimmune disorders, diseases, blood clots, brain seizures, growing crystals in their body, heart attacks, problems with the lungs, becoming magnetic, etc, etc. Vaccinated people are spreading this to the unvaccinated and they say people are dying of Covid but are really dying from the vaccines.

But don't get me started on all of that. Because once I start talking, I never stop like the Energizer Bunny.

I have so much I want to say regarding technology, scams, the pursuit of love, the value in marriage, the problems with having no objective foundation or moral compass for society as a whole, and a wide variety of topics, subjects, themes, ideas, questions, answers, problems, issues, solutions, events, history, and the list goes on and on. So many things, and I don't even have time to address parallel universes which I don't believe in. Well, don't get me started on that. Specifically in regards to just Sofia Date, I have much more I want to say but I will try to stop writing for now. Stay tune for more and please look me up on Sofia if you can.

I may try to give you some updates in the future regarding Sofia, other dating apps, other things, etc, etc, in the future. For now, I'm going to get back to scanning family photos.

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