It’s Impossible to Ignore the FACTS


The U.S. 2020 Presidential Election was decided by 4 extreme updates in the middle of the night when ballot counting had supposedly stopped. WOW!! Now if that doesn’t rock your world, I don’t know what will.

Detractors argue that these spikes were merely human error, and not an indication of fraud, and that the errors have been corrected.

If the errors have been corrected, where is their evidence?

Why were the results never changed?

Have you ever been blindsided harder?

Are they really to look the rest of us in the eye with no shame? With no reflection of that horrible feeling of having cheated to win?

. . . and you’re still only 3 minutes into the presentation. 😲

This is another great video presentation - an “abridged” version for our TL;DR friends - possibly even the best of its kind. Nice collection, nice focus. Enjoy. And share!

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The truth is just beginning to be uncovered.


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