Absolute Proof


It is complex, it’s hard for people to understand, and if it's complex, people just want to dismiss it as conspiracy theory, where it’s [really] cyber warfare, unconventional asymmetric warfare, conducted by a peer threat nation state against the United States government and critical infrastructure.

– Retired Corlonel Phil Waldron, Mike Lindell’s first guest, in this magisterial documentary of the “known facts” concerning the 2020 Election fraud, or the ‘2020 Steal’ as it's also called.

It’s all exposed.

If you watch the entire documentary, I think you’ll be able to consider yourself extremely well informed on the subject, especially if you know anything at all about IT.

Immediately deleted by YouTube (original link)

Here on Rumble: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic

You’ll probably want to send it to everyone you know, too. Send the link in an email. https://rumble.com/vdlebn-mike-lindell-absolute-proof-exposing-election-fraud-and-the-theft-of-americ.html Make it personal. It’s worth the time. Of course, if they don’t watch it, no big deal, it’s their decision, but you’ll have done all that you can do, and that’s what counts.

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