It's Pimp Your Post Thursday Today at 12pm EST

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Jump Into the DreemPort Discord to Take Part

The purpose of PYPT is to build community, give people opportunity to share posts with their peers and to get to know each other on voice and in text. Anyone who creates content is welcome to participate.

Some people feel nervous about presenting their posts the first time. It’s okay, everyone has a first time, we’ve all been there. You’re encouraged to give a brief synopsis of your post. Your goal is to get people to go, read and support your work.

You can share more than once. Consider sharing the work of someone you think doesn’t get enough notice. We’re not in competition with each other. It’s a time of networking and sharing. We encourage everyone to go visit the posts that are shared and leave comments where they can.

The usual process is to post the link to your post in the text chat and then come on voice to talk about it. **If you’re unsure of using voice, come in a bit early and tag @shadows, that’s me. We’ll jump in voice and test it out. **

If for some reason your mic doesn’t work, you can still participate. You type up your description and when your turn is called, you put the text and the link in the text channel. I then read it out so it gets on the recording.

How to Take Part

Everyone, no matter where you write are welcome to take part on Thursdays at 12pm EST in the DreemPort discord server.

Don’t worry if you’ve never taken part in something like this. You’re welcome to just jump in and listen until you are comfortable. If you want to test it out, we’ll always help people to get started. It’s a friendly bunch.

Never been on Discord? Visit to get it. If you are on laptop or desktop I recommend the app rather than using the browser. Voice issues have often been fixed by switching from browser to app. It’s also available on IOS and Android.

Would You Like A Reminder?

I know, we have busy lives and sometimes we forget things. You can sign up here to get an email reminder sent out a couple of hours before the show starts.

Hope to see you join us soon.



Shadowspub is a writer from Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of subjects as she pursues her passion for learning. She also writes on other platforms and enjoys creating books you use like journals, notebooks, coloring books etc.
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