RE: Is @joeyarnoldvn typical of Americans in the 21st century?

English is Complex:

Sorry about all of the slang. I started noticing how much slang I used when I moved to Vietnam. So, I wasn't really aware of how confusing English can be. You are asking some good questions.

Normal Americans

I've had conversations with my students many times concerning what is a normal American for example. Yes. Big cultural gaps. You asked if I was typical. Good question. People who know me could tell you perhaps. We can talk for a long time about that question. I want to say that I am because I like freedom and many people like freedom too.


But if you are asking how many people share their diary, their journal, their blog, their personal lives, with the world, I mean outside of what people do on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? That is a big question. The answer is that maybe less than ten percent of people do things like me with an online blog. So, there are many people who do not do what I do. But I don't know exactly how many. Happy to meet you. Thanks for writing about me.

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