Playing Cryptobrewmaster again


For a long time I haven't been playing Cryptobrewmaster very actively. I had been playing this game for a while, but in the past months I was only passively collecting water and selling it on the market. Every other strategy just wasn't really profitable to me.
In the meantime I've invested my time and some of my tokens in other blockchain games.

But about a week ago I decided to try my luck in the Cryptobrewmaster game again.
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Investing in Cryptobrewmaster

Cryptobrewmaster is a tactical game. You can earn CBM tokens by selling beer or ingredients on the market. If you want to know more about it; I made a beginners guide a few months ago:

If you want to improve your brewery and other buildings you need equipment or personnel.
You can either buy them on the market or buy equipment packs.


Since the market prices of the most useful cards are quite high and the best cards aren't available on the market I decided to buy some packs. And I was quite lucky....


I invested in a few packs and got a lot of 'junk cards', but two of them are very useful.
The best one is the Kunze Bible. This increases the efficiency of the brewery with 100% and gives you one extra slot. The other one is the head brewer which gives another 75% efficiency.
These two cards make it a lot more profitable to brew beers again since I have bigger chances on magnificent beers.
I did have to upgrade my brewery to have enough slots to place the cards, but @enforcer48 was willing to sell me a Promo Alpha Brewery for 1000 CBM.
So I'm brewing again!
And I'm also competing in the weekly events again to win some more ingredient cards.


If you want to play the game; here's my referral code:

And here's a guide:



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