Brewing with more revenue!

         A while ago, @cryptobrewmaster rolled out craftable NFTs on Wax. The point of them is to allow players to sell beer at better prices through the pub. In fact, the NFTs allowed you to sell for up to two times the normal selling price. Of course, since the prices shift depending on the supply, there are fluctuations.

         In the end, I did manage to obtain all 5 of them, including the not pictured California Commons. Yeah, I am not about to send things back to Wax for a screenshot. As you can see, not many players have them.

         The good news is, you can still craft them if you can manage to assemble enough ingredient NFTs on Wax. So, for a price, you could double the potential revenue for your brewing operation too! The downside is that you'd still have to do a lot of clicking to get that revenue.

What if you don't like clicking that much?

         Well, the other approach is the market. If you are a passport holder , you could sell your beer at a higher price than what the pub offers. A passport costs 1000 ASH (~30HIVE) and allows you to place sell orders on the market.

         The only tradeoff is you'd lose out on points for the Wholesaler weekly event. This is where you have to decide what is more important to you, CBM or ASH?

         If you are an advanced market player, selling beer at higher prices is another venue for your min-max game. I know there are players who do pretty well by playing the ingredient market and still produce beer at a net gain.

         For now, I am willing to buy beer off of the market around 1.8x (give or take a few %) of whatever the pub is offering. Like I have mentioned in the sub-header, I don't like clicking that much.

         Some brewers have tried to convince me to buy for higher, but I'm not interested in breaking even on CBM sales. The points for weekly events are not at the top of my priority. Some may feel cheeky and think giving <1 CBM of profit margin is good enough, enjoy waiting.

         I'm not hurting for ASH. In fact, I have enough farming NFTs to yield me tokens daily. If I wanted more, I only need to buy more influence. And yes, I do plan on upgrading my ASH farming NFTs in gradual steps.

         What will I do with the CBM I earn? Upgrades, among other things. I would love to try out the advertising options down the road for some personal amusement later.

         So, passport holders of Cryptobrewmaster, what do you say?

         Will you sell your beer on the market?

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