Some announcements and AMA for a further CryptoBrewMaster plans

As we mentioned before in a statement we cancel supporting any of the Hive Engine tokens from 1.11.2021

🚫‼❌Hive Engine is not HIVE
❤💥 Game remains on Hive and we doing our best to promote the Hive Blockchain

Here's the roadmap for the upcoming changes

  • 25.10.21 Monday: Cryptobrewmaster stops deposits and withdrawals from and to Hive Engine, tokens that are in the circulation on the Hive Engine accounts can be deposited into the @cryptex24 without any limits till 1.11
  • All in-game tokens or tokens deposited to the exchange can be swapped to the new Aeneas Based tokens, that can be used in-game or traded on the exchange without any limits
  • From 1.11 @cryptex24 stops any Hive Engine deposits
  • any questions, suggestions, and problems regarding the migration can be discussed in the CryptoBrewMaster Discord

We listened to our players, who see the "limitations" to trade on @cryptex24, and we will look into the possibilities to list tokens on other chains and DEXs however, the KYC procedure on @cryptex24 for any deposits, withdrawals, and trade is not necessary for any citizens, worldwide

We already spoke with SPK network team, as they planning to launch their DEX and Tokens service, which we are going to use in the future as well to be closer to the Hive community before the Hive mainnet will launch smart contracts and tokens.

Pub demand changes, and Aeneas Influence usage

Our local pub is overwhelmed, and due to this, we promote the limitations on a beer selling to the pub

From 1.11 each 1 Influence card stored in your inventory will give the user permission to sell 1 beer in 1 week!



Please make sure you have enough influence to trade as much as you plan!

We also plan to run an AMA session before the end of October and our CEO will try his best to answer the community questions and reveal further plans!

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