Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from @cryptobrewmaster


We would like to celebrate the end of 2020 with you guys! Thanks for being with us and supporting our game during 2020!

The snow in-game will be turned on for 2 more weeks, it's something like a period of time for our team to create the mobile device compatibility game version, after which it would be a matter of time to create the iOs and Android applications

BTW the Christmas and New Years Bonanza still running up to 31.12


What keys can I get?

  • 0,49 HBD \ 0,99 HBD - Neutral Quality 2021 New Years Key for each pack bought
  • 1.99 HBD - Good Quality 2021 New Years Key for each pack bought
  • 2.99 HBD - Outstanding Quality 2021 New Years Key for each pack bought
  • 4.99 HBD - Excellent Quality 2021 New Years Key for each pack bought
  • 9.99 - Masterpiece Quality 2021 New Years Key for each pack bought

Cool, what's inside?

That's will be a special edition loot box, that will never be sold again in this kind of configuration

  • Cryptobrewmaster Building Upgrades NFTs
  • High-grade resources
  • Special achievement NFT (New Year 2021 Alpha Player)
  • Extremely Rare Artifacts
  • Even some more surprises we currently discussing



Cryptobrewmaster is a beer brewing game from and for craft beer scene enthusiasts. Brew beer from different ingredients, trade, upgrade your brewery with collectible cards, evolve the character, Earn the CBM token, and buy a beer in the real-world by exchanging it on a cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex24 or via direct token transfer at our partner's online stores. The key idea behind the game is studying people about beer production, using the brewing equipment, and even study to brew their own beer at home. As well as our aim is to connect real-world breweries and industry supply producers \ equipment producers with potential customers all over the world!

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