The Inkwell Prompt #48 : Maldak's Curse of the Inheritance.

The old Magmire Mansion.


Ahh...gather around children, don't get nervous, for i am about to indulge you in a tale of the old Magmire mansion....

It was a few centuries ago, in an old manor at Norfolk, England; that there lived a rather unusual family, by the name of Magmire. There was Richard Magmire and his beautiful wife Esther Magmire whom had both 3 beautiful daughters. Their first girl went by the name of Loren Magmire. The second - Lilly Magmire. And finally, the last and certainly the most queer of all them - Ludviga Magmire.

Ludviga seats in the middle on her father's lap.

The Magmires where known infamously for their strange household nature. Everybody knew of their rather gothic lifestyle and behavior and due to these notions, many assumptions were made about the family. One of the most bizarre being "Hark! Hark! Cover your eyes! For it is the occultism that is the Magmire household! Be wary! For they have used even their own children for the devil's work!!" that was the popular warning cry of the villagers anytime the Magmire's wagon passed the village on its way to the manor.

Sure enough, these assumptions were quite hurtful. However? they weren't exactly false. For you see children, the Magmires were believed to have been inheritors of a strange demon that has been passed down from an unbroken lineage of Magmires. A demon by the name of Maldak.

Maldak during a demonic ritual

Maldak is a demon believed to have lived for something of about 5000 years. It was regarded, at that time, as the devil's right armed man and worked as one of the many agents of Kal(the devil). Its sole purpose was to bring more pain and negativity into this physical world. But as time passed Kal found no more use for the demon and was going to remove it from existence. In desperation, Maldak made a pact with the very first Magmire - Samuel Magmire.
The agreement was that the demon would attach itself to Samuel Magmire and his generations to come as a formless, invisible entity so it may be able to carry on its mission of negativity for all eternity. All these conditions were put in place for Samuel who also in desperation for his sick, dying family, agreed to to all the terms in exchange for everlasting good health for his self and family. But consequentially, he also affected his entire future lineage...

Throughout every Magmire generation that has lived, it is believed that there was always one person whom was cursed with the knowledge of their ancestors. Therefore, he or she would be the one whom will bare both the memories of their current lives on earth and the ones dated to as far as the very first Magmire as well. This person would essentially become the main host for Maldak himself. Ludviga, unfortunately, was the one to bare this curse...

Ludviga Magmire was a very strange girl. Even stranger than her family. She was feared just as much as she was hated around the village. Everybody called her the demon spawn. Some even referred to her as the bodily incarnation of negativity. When she was born it was believed that every Midwife whom was in attendance at her birth, died of a horrible disease hours later. When she was 3, she could already tell when a person would die simply by looking at them. At 7, she went through a phase were every negative thought or feeling she had, manifested itself as a demonic entity in the Manor. Because of this, she had to be sedated and hypnotized numerous times a day. There are still so many more bizarre things that followed Ludviga's existence some that i dare not to say....

The old Magmire Tree
Moving on, by the time Ludviga was 14, she had completely withdrawn herself from her family and the world. She rarely uttered a word to anybody. All she did was to spend time alone, talking to herself under the old Magmire tree. Sadly, it was at this time that Ludviga's sisters – Loren and Lilly– were planning to end her life.

You see Loren and Lily always hated Ludviga for being so abnormal and envied her for having all of their father's love even though this was quite true. Honestly, there was not a single soul in this world that loved their daughter the way Mr Magmire loved Ludviga. It was a love no one but them could understand. And so, because of this, Loren and Lily made up their minds to take the life of their own sister.

The legend goes that around 2:30 am in the morning, Loren and Lilly would go on to knockout sleeping Ludviga unconscious with a frying pan and then carry her out of the house until they got to the old Magmire tree by the old Magmire Lake. When Ludviga regained consciousness, she realized that both her hands and legs had been tied firmly with ropes. It was there that she met eyes, for the last time, with her two sisters who stood in front of her.

Nothing, till this very day, is known of the conversations the sisters had before Ludviga's death. However, after Ludviga's body was retrieved from the lake and the two sisters were sent to prison, a letter was found in Ludviga's room just by her study. What the letter read was just terrifying:

To whom it may concern

I have seen it....I have finally seen my death. Oh, it is not a kind one. It is a very cruel and unjust one. Tell me! Why them?!! Why my own flesh and blood?!! What ever did I do to wrong them?!!

Every time I see them. Every time i see their faces, I cannot bring myself to imagine them of an act so vile. But it is true! For I have seen the way they look at me! I have seen the way you all look at me...

I will tell you something now. I am in despair. Not in the knowledge of my death but in the knowledge of my sister's....I can't help but shed tears of sorrow anytime I am reminded of the horridness of their demise. And of yours...

Ah...I think I understand their reason for killing me now. Ha!..How very childish of them. How very uncalled for. I mean to think I died for such a mediocre reason?!!! To think i swarm the shores of pain and death for such atrocity? And to think that the villagers celebrate my death as if it were a carnival?!!
No! No!! No!!!

Hark! Hearten! Do you hear me! For these are the warnings I have to say!
My body maybe destroyed but death does not fancy me this way!

For this world was my prison, my bane, my hell!!
And all the pain I have suffered from all of you would not go unpunished, this I tell...

For who ever the soul that believes my horrid death was far from pain,

Shall spend the rest of eternity with me and Maldak, right here on old Magmire lane....

Unspeakable tragedy followed after this letter was published around the village. Some of the tragedies were just so horrifying that it will be best to leave them unexplored..

Now children, it is unclear why?.. But legend has it that if you speak or even read the last part of this letter, Ludviga would come at exactly 3:00am to take you to the old Magmire Manor. Where you would be cursed to spend all of eternity with Maldak and Ludviga...

Wait a minute... Doesn't that mean that?....

Oh shoot....

Thanks for reading and keep exploring!

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