Kelly's Letter


Kelly peeped through the glass window to watch his other siblings playing with each other.
He was enjoying the moment but also sad because he couldn't join them.
He imagined himself being out there and also sticking up the flowers his siblings were playing with, making mud houses, and running around trying to get the mud on each other.
Kelly felt so sad and has always been that way since Kelly was 3 years old. Now he is five but still can't join his siblings to play.

Kelly kept asking his mom why Ariana and Caleb, Kelly's 7 years and 3 years old siblings could play outside but not him.
His mom still couldn't give him the answer. She only promised Kelly to start joining his siblings to play when he gets older and could take care of himself.
Little Kelly kept telling his mom that he was old enough to take care of himself but Mrs. Claudia just couldn't give into his son's demand.
She couldn't watch Kelly getting hurt ever again, not while she was still alive.

She vowed to protect him for as long as she lives. Since after the last time Kelly fainted when he only 2 years old. Mrs.Claudia has been afraid for the life of her son. She loved Kelly so much likewise all her children but Kelly was just a graceful child with outstanding virtues. He was very dear to her heart so she couldn't watch him going through such pains.
Poor little Kelly is asthmatic, her mom found out a few days before the incident. She was very sad when the doctor broke the news to her but the sadness turned into worry when Kelly had his first experience.
He had trouble breathing properly one day while playing with his older sister outside their home and because of this he suddenly passed out.
Ariana became scared and started crying and screaming when Kelly passed out. Thankfully her mom was around, she heard the scream and ran out to meet them, she found Kelly lying down helplessly on the floor. She rushed to pick him and hurried to the hospital.
Kelly was treated and nursed back to consciousness.
When he regained his consciousness, he asked what happened that he was just playing with his elder sister outside so why was he in the hospital bed.
At 2 years, Kelly was already speaking like a 5-year-old child. He was so smart and articulated with his speech.
Mrs. Claudia couldn't explain anything to a 2-year-old child so she only Hugged him and cried. When they got back home, she vowed to protect and take care of Kelly, and one of the protective measures she implemented was to deprive Kelly of the fun and joy of childhood, by not letting him play with his siblings outside their home.

She was afraid the same thing will happen all over again. He was only allowed to play with his toys inside while his siblings played outside. It continued that way till Kelly turned five but his mom still did not think he was old enough to join the fun outside so that day Kelly sat by their window watching his siblings play and have fun.



The question asked was out of curiosity as to why his mom would deprive him of fun but grant his siblings the privilege to play and have fun. Little Kelly was already feeling sad and somewhat depressed at age five but the mom could only think of his safety and nothing more.
His mon didn't give him a valid reason why he stopped him from playing because she felt Kelly was still not up for it and he was way too young for her to let him know why he was being deprived of all those things.

The night after when Kelly asked her mom why he wasn't given the freedom to play like his other siblings, Mrs. Claudia found a hidden letter under Kelly's bed when she went to kiss him goodnight and found Kelly sleeping already.
She was curious about the paper so she opened it up and found a letter in it which reads;

Dear Papa God,
You told us to ask anything in your name and you will do it for us.
I don't know why mommy doesn't love me like my other siblings Ariana and Caleb but Papa God, I pray that you change her heart and make her love me just like my siblings because I love my mommy very much and I also want to play with my siblings.
Papa God, I know you can hear me and you will answer my prayers. I also wrote you a letter in case you can't see my heart or hear me, Amen!.

Before Mrs. Claudia could even finish reading the letter, she was already tearing up and crying so bitterly. She couldn't keep it in any longer, she went on her knees crying and patting sleeping Kelly on the back and dressing his hair.
She was so bitter that night and very confused too.
She didn't know what to do and she was stuck in between.
What was she going to do?
Tell 5-year-old Kelly he has a sickness that's why he is being deprived of a fun childhood? Or she should rather risk his life by letting him join his siblings to play and enjoy his childhood?
Mrs. Claudia cried her heart out throughout the night after reading Kelly's letter.

The End!

So dear readers, tell me if you were in Mrs. Claudia's shoes or such a situation or something similar, what would you have done?
What would have been your decision?
Do tell me what you think Mrs. Claudia would have done or what you would have done if this was to be your case.

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