Don't get naughty now Kira, put it down.
It is down Kira, can't you hear me, Kira? I said put it down and go to your room this moment

Shouting at my poor little daughter wasn't the best of me. It wasn't my intention, but I had to do something to ease the tense and creepy atmosphere.
Kira is a little too young to be spending her whole day in the dark basement. It's a little scary in there but I don't know why she doesn't seem to understand and feel the same.
Since Benson passed away, I dreaded the basement. I had Benson's belonging locked up in there.
The room we shared was getting a bit stuffy for me and I couldn't let his belongings keep reminding me of him and his tragic death so I had it locked away in the basement but little Kira had made it her life mission to keep hanging around there and digging out her dad's belonging.

I have warned her several times not to go down the basement or even think of opening up Benson's stuff but she just wouldn't listen and I don't blame the poor child. Losing a father at the age of 6 is the worst nightmare for her.
The night Benson's had an accident that took his life, Kira had a surprise plan for him, she was just waiting excitedly for her dad to return, only for us to receive the sad and shocking news. She couldn't take it, the poor thing couldn't handle the shock.
She has been acting a little different since after her father's death and I understand how that had a psychological effect on her. I called Dr. John a day after to check up on Kira and he told me she was all good and fine, that nothing was wrong with her.
He told me with time Kira was going to be just fine and start being herself. I am yet to see Kira becoming herself once again.
Coupled with the creepy and scary thought of Benson's death, I had Kira's case to think of and deal with.

I walked down the basement to pick up the portrait Kira left earlier when I shouted at her to go back to her room. It was a portrait of her late dad. She had been embracing it the whole time and looking down at the portrait, I held it up and I could see Kira's tears on the glass frame.
I almost had a drop of tears too but I had to hold it back.
No, I wasn't going to be weak, I had to stay strong for Kira, she is all I've got now and likewise her, so if I become this way, who would be there for Kira.
I needed to be the shoulder she can lean and rely on and the comfort she needed in such a hard time and for me to do that independently, I had to put my acts together, hide my tears and stay strong for her.
After stacking up Benson's things back into the drawers where Kira got them out from, I closed the basement door and locked it up. This time I was sure not to let her find the keys so I hid somewhere I knew she would never find them.
I went up to her room to check up on her and to my greatest shock, Kira was nowhere to be found. For a second I panicked cause I know she is never in the bathroom at such hours. Kira has a specific time she goes to the bathroom and she doesn't break that rule for anything in the world.
I just had to calm my nerves and check the bathroom even when I had my doubts. And just like I imagined it, she wasn't there. Her bathroom was sparkling clean as always with no signs of someone's footsteps on the white tiles.

I grabbed my coat ran out the door, it was getting dark so I had to find Kira at all cost, where in the world did she go to? What is she up to now?
My heart kept pondering and in fear I cried bitterly while searching everywhere for my daughter.
In my quest to find my missing daughter, I remember contemplating about leaving San Francisco with my only daughter. I just had to take her away from all the worries, troubles, and bitterness. I had it all planned but I was only waiting for the perfect moment.
Now I regret not doing that earlier enough, I regretted not taking my daughter somewhere else for us to start all over again.
Right now all I wanna do is find my daughter and nothing will stop me from executing those plans when I do.

It started raining, seems even the heavens felt my bitterness. I wasn't worried about the downpour, I just had to find my daughter. I am so sorry Kira I said to myself, I am so sorry for not be enough for you.
Just then I heard my daughter's voice from behind Mommy! Mommy!
I turned to look at the direction the voice was going from. I couldn't see the face very well cause of the dark cloud and rain but I knew that was my daughter's voice and I could see her shadow and from the long hair falling off her shoulder I knew it was my daughter.
I ran towards her and when I got to her, I embraced her and wept bitterly. I know I was never going to do that in front of her but I wasn't so sure I could hold it back anymore. I wasn't sure of being or better still acting strong anymore.
We needed each other's comfort, which I knew very well but I just wanted to be enough for my poor child so I acted all fine when I wasn't. She held me tightly and patted me to stop crying.
I took her home and promised never to let her get hurt, she was all I had left and I wasn't planning on losing her too.

The morning sun met me in Kira's room, wake up sleeping beauty, we have a long journey ahead of us.
She didn't understand until I told her we were leaving, and when I said leaving I meant everything that has to do with San Francisco, including the bitter and painful memories of her dad.
I made your favorite bacon, by the way, how you like it. I am sure you will enjoy it, I made enough to last us throughout the journey.
I could see the sadness registered on her face but she didn't have an option as she too wanted to get rid of the pains and the sadness in her heart.
Hurry up young girl, we don't wanna be late for our flight.
I left her to prepare and come downstairs. She wore her favorite pink dress which made her look like a little princess, and of course, she is my little princess.
I was already done with the packing by the time she was ready and came down.
I looked at my little girl, kissed her on the forehead, grabbed her tiny waist, and walked out the door.
When we were out the door, Kira turned back and looked through the glass window, and just when I wanted to say something, I heard her mutter the words Goodbye Daddy
I held back the hot tears that almost fell down my cheeks, rubbed Kira's head, and urged her down.
Goodbye Mr.Benson, I said silently as we walked into the street to board a taxi to the airport.

...The End


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