Turn tables

The white walls behind Dr Mia were all Ally could focus on. She hated her current situation, but it was the only way she could move on.

Alka had been sick. At least that was a light way to put it, she told Dr Mia, her therapist and close friend, that she felt stupid. Their last session was in progress and she had just about zoned out when Mia called her attention.

Their final conversation went on like this:

Mia: Are you listening to me, Ally?

Ally: No, not really. I told you this session was a stupid idea. The last 2 didn't help, what makes you think this will?

Mia: This session will be different, I promise you. I have a little surprise for you, but I need you to tell me again, why you went crazy after your brother got married.

Ally: scoffs a little surprise? Really Mia? Don't be silly. And why do you want me talking about that again?

Mia: Don't underestimate me, Ally. Telling me that story is going to justify my surprise, just trust me. Let me hear it one last time.

Ally: Urghhh, okay. I have a twin brother, you know this. His name is Allen. It has been Allen and I taking on the world for as long as I can remember. He loves work, I love work, we both had a crappy relationship history until recently.

Allen got a girlfriend, I obviously couldn't get a boyfriend but I just thought, you know, it would still be us. But things changed really quickly and he told me he had to marry her.

At first, I thought it would be cool to have a new sister. But she didn't like me very much. Allen stopped calling often and showing up at my office during lunch. He just stopped everything.

Well, I went crazy. At the wedding, I wore a black dress like I was in mourning, coz I practically was. I cried through the after-party and well, caused a scene at some point when I got drunk.

Mia: How about your boyfriend Ally?

Ally: But you already know this Mia.

Mia: Just talk!

Ally: There was Ben. But things just couldn't work between us. I don't know. We never got to know ourselves properly and well, I ended things before we could. I messed things up, okay? I thought maybe if Allen saw me single, he would leave that witch. But he didn't. He wanted only her and only sent a compassionate text. He didn't even call.

Mia: And Ben?

Ally: He reached out but I never responded. He's a great guy but, I don't know. I'm too damaged. I tried to kill myself FFS!

Mia: Would you like to give Ben another shot?

Ally: I'm too ashamed to speak to him. I'm a stupid person and I'm going to die alone. This therapy session has been useless.

Mia: (laughs)Ally, I'm your friend and your therapist. Right now, I'm switching to friend mode and telling you to get your butt out of here, down the stairs and never show your face at my office again. You're welcome.

Ally walked out of the office and started her walk towards her car when she saw a figure she could recognize anywhere in a dark blue suit leaning against her car.

Looking at Ben for the first time in months, Ally knew this was Mia's doing and there was no turning back now.

The confusion on his face when he approached her was proof that he had no idea what was going on either, but he replied to her smile with the cute smirk she loved.

"Hey there!"
"Hi Ben, I guess Mia set us up".
He smiled again, and I could see a blush creeping up his cheeks, "It's good to see you again, Ally. Can I buy you a drink?"

She stepped into his open arms and hugged him. Maybe this could work out after all.

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