👄 Between foam and sand👄 [Short story] ✍️

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Short story✍️

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She walked barefoot on the sand. It was not nostalgia that accompanied her, but the hope of seeing him again, in spite of everything, in spite of herself and her indecision. She said to herself: "No doubt he will come and lay on my neck the velvety petals of a white rose, while he whispers in my ear his longing to see me and to enjoy the sunset".

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After a while, he stopped and sat down on that huge rock that had been an accomplice of his love. A sweet smile, along with a deep sigh, illuminated her bright gray eyes. She caressed the rock and remembered that it was right there; surrounded by sea, by blue, by sand, by foam, that she felt his for the first time. She watched the immensity with fullness, while he embraced her back and gave her tender and haunting kisses around her neck.

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She could feel his warm breath and her skin bristled without remedy. His kisses and murmurs were becoming more intense and frequent. - Oh my God, how much she was enjoying it! Was it possible to lose track of time and get caught up in so many sensations? She wondered. - Yes, it was happening and she didn't want it to end. He whispered to her: "leave everything in my hands my love" and caressed her ear with his wet and dilated tongue. She felt vulnerable. Her heart was beating fast. She threw her head back, abandoning herself to him, feeling the depth of his kisses around her shoulders and throat...

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In a matter of seconds, she was there, lying on the shore of the beach, lost between the caresses of her man's formidable hands under her dress and those passion-filled kisses she couldn't resist.

She surprise herself moaning uncontrollably in his arms and nothing else mattered. He knew how to possess every part of her body and hold her gaze with those penetrating eyes. Suddenly she wanted to relive those sensations by lying down in the same place of that April afternoon. After all, no one could ever take away the taste of her memories....

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It was amazing the way her body responded just by remembering it. - Oh... yes, there it was again, her skin burning with desire and her lower abdomen throbbing to the beat of her thirsty heart!. He closed his eyes, arched his back in pleasure, and there under the magic of the sunset and the foam of the waves bathing her naked body, he felt her fleshy lips again. No! It was not the sequence of his exciting memories. He had come, ready to take the place he thought belonged to him...

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Author: ©Yohanys Ravelo.

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