My Success Story

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Being a graduate of crop science at the prestigious Lagos state university wasn't really a surprising thing to either I nor my family. I was so much in love with planting but I enjoyed seeing a voluminous harvest. It usually gave me a great sense of fulfillment. I was using dad's little garden at the back of the house for my cultivation. This I had been doing since I was 3.
Honey, I can't find find my baby, mum told dad one evening.
Deraa, Deraa mum kept screaming.
I could hear my mum's voice but I had to finish off planting my corn.
Keep calm woman, I know where she could be, dad replied.
And he came right to the garden where I was, squatting beside the shallow holes I had prepared to plant my corn.
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What's my girl working on today?, he asked
I'm planting corn, I replied.
I was already a total mess by the time he came to get me but he didn't care as he grabbed me up in a hug, it's dinner time let's join mum and your siblings at the table.
I had 2 older siblings who never had an interest in farming, let's just say I developed a passion in that field.
In my first year in school, I started working on my first manure production for mixed species of plants. It wasn't exactly an easy route but curiosity and eagerness coupled with a full dose of determination helped me succeed in this of which I was heavily rewarded by the state government. Mum wasn't really in support of my choice of career but in the long run she became my biggest fan. The most challenging of my studies was my final year project where I was to cross crops to achieve orange fleshed sweet potato where I was to cross potato and carrot. I had tried for several weeks but the roots kept dying off. It proved so difficult, I almost gave up. I kept visiting several materials and online articles to help me out but it wasn't forth coming. Not until I met Daniel, a food scientist from another university who was assigned to work in our lab. He put me through and helped me in trying out new methods, I was to continually water the seedling, morning and evening. It was already two weeks yet nothing was sprouting not I until I visited that morning.

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I was shocked to see my work sprout so beautifully, it blossomed with the rising sun, like a happy child it's little leaves spread out, I could feel it smile at me for a work success. Well, it was worth the several trials as it served me a great grade. I'm glad I didn't give up, I'm glad I followed my passion, I'm glad I met Daniel, I'm it was a great success.

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Thank you very much for going through this story. I hope you had fun.
Happy weekend

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