LOVE - The weakness

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"I'm so sorry dear, I'm sorry for the disrespect my daughter showed, she's only a child, Grace said over the phone.
If that's what you what, then I respect it....

Another relationship had just gone sour because of the level of disrespect her daughter usually displayed to the men who tried building a relationship with her. No matter how much she tried Miranda would always mess things up for her.
Grace was a single mother who was believed to have a weakness for loving her daughter too much. Grace had never hit or scolded Miranda before. She would always make excuses for her daughter's insurbodination although her friends always tried to advise her but she never listened.

"So that nonsense man broke up with you, because of a little argument?
He's not man enough
I'm sure he inherited his wealth because if he didn't he would have patience,
Mum don't worry God will bring a richer man........."
"Miranda will you keep quiet, what is wrong with you? Grace quickly cut in and left her. She had to talk to someone as Miranda wasn't helping matters so she visited her best friend Joy.
'You have failed to see what your daughter is doing to you, Joy said, She doesn't want to move on with your life.' I do not understand why she is the reason for every break up you have had and you've decided not to see anything wrong about it. Well, I heard of a job opportunity but as a waitress at a good resturant. I recommended you since you said you needed a job. Joy added.
Grace was so excited on hearing this. She had been trying to get a job so she could take care of herself and daughter. Thankfully she was successful at the interview. She couldn't wait to share the news with her Miranda but was disappointed on her reaction.
"A waitress?
You mean you will be serving other people food like my classmates and their parents, but mom why?
This job will make people look down on me and I have built a reputation for myself, she continued lamenting. Grace was confused over the things her daughter was saying and even more perplexed at her when she walked out of her.

What is wrong with this girl, she wondered, how did a 9 year old become so ambitious. Well, she wasn't going to change her mind on this. Next morning, Miranda refused her mother to drop her off in school as according to her, her mother's work outfit was embarrassing. Things were going pretty well at the restaurant until she ran into her ex boyfriend Maxwell. She hated him for abandoning her while she was pregnant. Well, he looked richer, like he had amassed a good deal of fortune. Still she wasnt going to listen. He tracked her down to her house and met with Miranda, his daughter.
'You are Miranda right?' Maxwell said
'Yes she replied, who are you?
' I'm your father, he replied
'Father that abandoned me? She asked
'I didn't, I only went to make money, he said
'So you are rich now? She asked
'Ofcourse, your daddy is a billionaire, he said.
On hearing this, she immediately gave him a hug, gave him a sit, served him juice and settled to have a discussion with him.
What?, Grace said on opening the door. What did I tell you about opening the door to strangers?
He isn't a stranger, he's my father whom you hid away from me, Miranda rudely replied.
Grace walked Maxwell out of her house and told Miranda how disappointed she was at her. Those words meant nothing to her as she was ready to stay with her father who would be able to take her out of poverty. All pleas by Maxwell and Miranda to move in with Maxwell fell on deaf as Grace never wanted anything to do with Maxwell again.

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Miranda began skipping school with claims of spending quality time with her father who never failed to shower her with expensive and beautiful gifts which she loved so much.
'If my mother loses her job, she'll sure return to you, Miranda told her father. That is the only reason she feels she has some financial security. If she loses her job and has nothing, she'll come back to begging you to take her back.
Father and daughter joined forces and arranged for Grace to be involved in an argument with a customer. This got her manager so angry that he fired her. Grace pleaded and begged but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She got home and broke the news to her daughter who acted up in sympathy. She also told her that since she wouldn't be able to take care of her that they would have to go live with Maxwell. Miranda was so excited that she ran off to go call Maxwell and broke the news to her.
We did it dad, we did it, she said over the phone. I told you losing her job would change her decision towards her.......
Unknown to her, her mother was at the door and listened on their conversation. It was a shock to Miranda as she bumped her mother at the door.
Very typical of Maxwell, getting in the way of other people's lives and spoiling things for them and you joined your father to do this to me, she said weeping. Since you can no longer stay with me, then go stay with him, I won't come with you. Without remorse Miranda called her dad to come get her as the mother wouldn't be joining them.
Sarah wept all day as she blamed herself so much for failing as a mother in training her own child and hiding the truth from her.
The End.

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