The Ink Well Prompt #25: The Wisest Man


"You have saved my kingdom, Sire! Ask me for it and it is yours. Up to half my kingdom if you desire so!" said the richly dressed king as he bowed in reverence and gratitude.

" I do not need more land to govern, King Revawun. Instead may I please request the following things? A marriage union between your lovely eldest daughter and my only son, who is much like me. Tariff free trade between our kingdoms. Your word that should I ask it, you will send your armies to aid my kingdom. If yes I request that the last two become permanent, for as long as our lines reign." said the wise and powerful King Cruzof Mora.

"Done, with gratitude and my undying loyalty!" said King Revawun, who reigned in the much larger neighboring kingdom after which his family line was named.

Prince Kercu Mora had watched the entire meeting from a hidden room his father had constructed for that exact purpose.

"Father, why didn't you take the land? It would have doubled the size of Kigland."

"Kercu, I saw you and Alana together at the ball, and in the gardens afterward. If ever there was a perfect union of kingdoms and souls it was made today!"

"You gave up so much just for my happiness?!?!"

"No, this union has needed to happen for several generations. And I did ask for more, or did you stop hearing after I mentioned Alana?" he asked, chuckling.

"Yes I heard, but the other two requests can't compare to the strength gained by so much land?"

"My son, we now have the backing of the entire Revawunese army, instead of only doubling our own. This army is being trained and fed by our neighboring ally. And without tariffs in trading, we will be able to prosper beyond what this kingdom has ever seen."

"I hope that one day I will be as wise as you are, Father!"

"One day you might even surpass me. My best word of advice to you is always think about things from all angles. And never stop learning!"

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