"Pele, we have to get at least ten more elephants. You know how much of a pig Frost-Circle can be."

"Yes Jen-Jen. I'll get the elephants if you collect the bears." said the beautiful golden dragon.

"It's a deal! I love exploring the other side of the water." exclaimed Jen-Jen happily. Her crimson wings were fluttering with the excitement.

"Yes that's why I suggested it. Just don't get sidetracked, we only have two more days before Starday." Pele reminded her younger sister.

"Can Scaletooth come with me, to help carry them back? He might even be useful in catching them." she teased. Everyone knew that bears were easy prey. She and her older brother would spend the bulk of their time exploring. But the heavy meat would be easier to handle if there were two of them.

"Sure, at least he will make sure that you get back in time!"

"Very funny! I'm the fastest long distance flyer in the family." Jen-Jen said in mock astonishment.

"That's not what I meant. We both know that you would rather be out finding trouble than here eating roast elephant even on Starday."

"I would never do that to Mom and Dad." she said, more serious.

"I know you wouldn't do it on purpose. But you have to admit, you have gotten yourself into a few tight spots."

"Have I ever let you down? Oh wait, don't answer that!"

Pele laughed. "Have a great time! Bring back a deer for me, will you?"

"Of course. Have fun with the elephants!" said Jen-Jen, her fiery scales flashing in the sunlight.

"This is going to be the best Starday ever, Scaletooth. We even get to have an adventure before we celebrate." Jen-Jen said, grinning.

"Have you been here before? I know you have crossed the big water quite a few times, but do you know the area we will be hunting?"

"Of course not! Why would I choose a place that I've already seen?"

"Good point, little sis!" he said laughing. He quickly nosedived into a canyon, knowing full well that nickname irritated her.

"Who are you calling little?!?!" she called after him, quickly tucking her wings.

They skimmed the trees, narrowly missing the steep canyon walls on either side. Scaletooth managed to lose the agile little dragon when he entered a large green valley. Knowing that he could never outfly her, he backtracked then dropped into the forest.

"She'll never find me here." he chuckled as Jen-Jen zipped past him.

As predicted, she was at a loss. Realizing that she had gone wrong somewhere, she soared high into the air for a better vantage point. Not seeing her target, she lazily flew in a big circle.

Once he knew she had officially lost him, Scaletooth took to the air. Using his powerful ice blue wings, he timed his ascent perfectly. He was above and in back of Jen-Jen.

He waited until she began to go back down to the canyon, then zipped forward and grabbed her tail.

"Looking for me?" he asked, laughing.

In response she jerked her tail away, and gave his snout a smart slap.

"Ouch! You know what Mom said about hitting."

"She also told you not to tease me!"

Despite themselves, they couldn't help but laugh. The two slowly went higher yet, for a better view. They saw a massive mountain in the distance. It was so big, it was making its own weather.

"Let's go see the big rock over there. It looks interesting!" suggested Jen-Jen.

"Sounds good. We need a place to sleep anyway, there should be some caves. Then we can get a few bears tomorrow, and put them on ice while we look around some more."

"You read my mind!" she exclaimed, then took off like an arrow. Scaletooth struggled to keep up, despite his power.

"This place is incredible!" she whispered, in awe of the gigantic mountain of rock and ice below. Scaletooth was speechless for once. Not wanting to break the mood, they soared down slowly and in silence.

"There's a cave, Jen-Jen." Scaletooth called out.

The two explored, and found the large crack in the side of the mountain to be the perfect size. They took a quick trip to the treeline, and grabbed a few spruce trees. The boughs would make acceptable cushions.

After a good night's sleep, the siblings caught five grizzly bears. They bound them together with the thick vine ropes which they had brought along from the south. This would make the meat easy to transport.

"Let's put them in that crevasse for now. We can fly them home tomorrow." suggested Scaletooth.

"I knew I made the right decision in asking you to come with me." she grinned.

This would be cutting it close, but they would still make it home before the Feast. The young dragons took a long flight north. They saw strange white bears with long necks. And big stags which ran in numbers that were impossible to count. The strange little creatures living under lumps of ice sounded a lot like the creatures which ran so fast when she flew over the lumps made of trees and leaves in the south.

Curiousity somewhat satisfied, they returned to the mountain. As Jen-Jen was curling up, Scaletooth walked over to her.

"I know it's not Starday yet, but I have something for you. I made it last night while you were sleeping."

"What is it? I don't remember you ever giving me a Starday gift."

"It's a necklace. You lost a big, perfectly formed scale while you were checking out the cave. I pulled off one of my brightest blue ones, and made it into a star. Wait, why am I telling you about it? Have a look!" he said, dangling it in front of her.

"Scaletooth! It's beautiful!! I didn't know you were an artist!" It was indeed a work of art. She looked at it for a long time, marvelling at how he could have fused the two scales together so perfectly. The cord was made of very fine bear hide, stripped as thin as her claw but still very strong. He must have made the cord today, unless there was a sixth bear in that crevasse?

Deciding not to ruin the mystery, she just smiled and slipped it over her head. "Thank you, and Happy Starday."

She then curled up. Sleep came easy. It was the deep and satisfying sleep one has after a full day.

"Merry Christmas, Jennifer!" said a female voice brightly. She yawned.

"Who is Jennifer? And who are you?" she asked sleepily.


Something heavy dropped, and her eyes flew open at the strange sound.

"You're awake? I'll call the doctor now. Just stay calm."

"I am calm. But who and what are you? And where am I?"

The skinny creature walked over to her. Its paws picked up her beautiful necklace, which was bigger than one of its paws.

"Where did this come from? It certainly wasn't here on my last round..."

"It's mine." she said possessively.

"It can't be. You've been here for exactly one year, and I have never seen it. You must be confused." she said this kindly, but was obviously shaken. She let go of it and backed away.

"My brother gave it to me." she growled.

"It's fine, nobody is going to try to take it. As soon as the doctor is here, I'll go call Scott and Penelope."


"Your brother and sister. Don't worry, your memory will likely return soon. It's been a long year! Welcome back Jennifer, and Merry Christmas.

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