My Desert Adventure

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Was I born with blue hair, or is this some sort of coloring? I can't see very much about my appearance because this mirror is so small, but it's better than nothing.

And why am I sitting out here in the desert with nothing but a round mirror the size of the tip of my thumb, a package of trail mix, and a canteen of water?

My head hurts, but I don't think I have any cuts. I better get back to civilization before the water runs out. But then where should I go...

Finally! This road has to go somewhere! If I can just find someone, they can help me to get home.

It's getting dark. Maybe I should stop for a while. I don't have any light. Is that a motor??? YES!!! Someone is coming! I don't know what a fancy sedan is doing out here, but I'm glad to see it!

"Get in the back."

"Thank you for picking me up!"

"That's why we came out here, isn't it? Zach, I told you he would still be out here. Nobody can walk 75 miles in the heat that fast."

This is confusing. I don't know these people. But then I don't know who I am either...

"What is my name?"

Don't worry about it, it's not important. Zach, this guy thinks we are here to answer his questions!"

"That's a good one, Lem! He must have been a comedian in a past life!'

Why are they being so rude? Are they the reason I'm in this mess? Should I try to escape back into the desert? I better decide soon...

"Zach, once we get back I'm going to eat an entire tub of ice cream! Our friend here led us on a merry chase and I am hot - not to mention starving!"

That settles it. I have to get out of here. But maybe I can get some information first if I stay alert....

"Lem, what if someone comes to rescue him?"

"Don't be silly! How would they know where to look - if they are even trying!"

"I don't know, but if they did..."

"Impossible! He was captured a thousand miles from here."

"It looks like they sent another team out, Lem. We better inform them that the matter is under control. Nobody should have to travel around out here without a good reason.""

"Why bother? Let the boss call them in."

'They're coming straight towards us, we can at least tell them."

My mirror is beginning to vibrate. It seems to be showing pictures too. Then I see symbols which I know roughly translated means "We are coming, are you well?".

I tap it gently and then press my finger on it to convey that I am not well. How did I know to do that? The lights up ahead rise straight up, then accelerate forward. The shape of a sleek triangular craft comes into view. It hovers over the vehicle.

"Uh oh... Zzzach... I think you were right.."

I am sitting there looking at the front end of the sedan, which is suddenly separated from the back. The vehicle was cut cleanly in half

"WHAT THE - Zach we have to get out of here NOW!"

They took off across the desert at top speed, and I smiled. Now I remember everything!

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