Icy Springs Adventure

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"When is this going to end? Snow in June?!?! And it's already up to my ankles!" Exclaimed Paula disgustedly, as she dismounted her horse.

"In its own time, which will be quite soon I suppose." chuckled Dave, her very amused husband.

"Well if it's not ready by the twelfth, I want to spend our 25th anniversary in Freeston. At least we can go for a walk on the beach, which is already free of snow." she replied, softening but still annoyed.

"Really? You want to go visit Deanna and the grandkids for our anniversary?" he asked, surprised. Still in the saddle, he surveyed the mountains surrounding their little piece of paradise. In his opinion, nothing could beat celebrating the happy day on Icy Springs Ranch.

"Oh, not really. I just want to see some sign of spring. And Deanna sent me some pictures of the beach and nearby park yesterday..." Paula admitted.

"Ah. What do you say instead we ride down to Elk River, where we fell in love with this land? We can take the tent, and make a weekend of it. The snow is all gone in the low country." he suggested, knowing that despite the long twenty mile ride, it was just what she needed.

"You always have the best ideas!" she exclaimed laughing at herself for not thinking of it first.

June 14th

"This was the best anniversary ever, Honey!" exclaimed Paula, as they loaded up their gear. Soon they were on their way home.

"Wow, I can hear Cold Creek already! Hope it's not flooding." said Dave, thinking about the extra distance they would have to travel if it were. Cold Creek was in reality a small river, and when flooded was unsafe for the horses to cross.

"It's too fast for them." declared Paula, an experienced horsewoman.

Dave nodded. "We can take Bear Pass. We have enough food, but it's going to be cooler up there." he replied, knowing that his wife was tired of winter.

"Well there's no helping it, unless we want to ride all the way to town. And I for one am ready to sleep in my own bed tonight." she said firmly.

"I thought you might say that." he replied, grinning.

"I don't believe it!" exclaimed Paula, as she looked at the pass. The snow must have been at least four feet deep, with some drifts surely double that. The horses were not going to be able to make it through that mess.

"I guess we will just have to turn back. We'll go to town, and get some supplies before we cross the bridge. Now I'm ready for spring too!" he declared, laughing.

Despite herself, Paula laughed. "Old man winter sure is feeling his oats this year!"

June 16th

"Honey, would you like to spend a night or two in the hotel?" asked David, as they rode down the tiny Main Street.

"No Dear, I just want to sit in front of the fireplace at home." she replied, smiling.

At sunset, the contented couple arrived at Icy Springs Ranch. The sky was putting on a spectacular show.

"Oh!" gasped Paula, when she saw the meadow surrounding her beloved home. It was full of lush grass and wildflowers, with not a patch of snow to be seen.

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