Can I Please Give It Back?


The two girls had been close ever since they met in first grade. Naturally this led to some arguments. But this time was different. Pansy had accurately predicted the fatal hit and run of Prince, Vera's beloved dog. And despite knowing beforehand, Vera hadn't been able to save him.

Pansy had dreamt about the incident so vividly, she told Vera right away. She had never had such a dream, and was convinced that it was a warning. Vera had been skeptical, but because of her friend's insistence decided to keep him on a leash during walks. It was saddening though. Prince was very well behaved, and looked forward to the extra freedom and exercise.

All seemed to work out fine. Even Pansy felt like disaster had been averted. Until one day several weeks later, when Vera came home from school. "Honey, can you please sit down for a second? We need to talk." Greeted her mother as she hung up her bags.

"Sure, Mom." she replied, curious.

"When I was bringing in the groceries, Prince ran out. I didn't even know he was gone until I heard the brakes, Honey. I'm so sorry."

Vera bolted for her room, sobbing. When she had finally cried herself out, she composed herself, and washed her face. She then asked for the details. Incredibly, Pansy had been correct, right down to the make of the car.

After Prince's death, Vera became withdrawn. She preferred to spend almost all of her free time in her room. Knowing that they were best friends, Vera's mom called Pansy and explained the situation.

"Of course, I'll be glad to come over, Mrs. Perl. I wondered why I hadn't seen her at school. I have something urgent I need to talk to her about."

Pansy knocked on the door of Vera's room. When she didn't hear anything, she tried the knob. It was unlocked. Vera was laying on her bed, with a photo album.

"Vera? Are you okay?"

This was when it happened. Something snapped inside of the normally quiet girl.

"How dare you come here! It's your fault, all your fault! If I hadn't kept Prince on a leash so much, he never would have run out like that!"

"Look, I was only trying to help. I know how much you loved him, and I didn't want him to get hurt."

"But he did! I wish I'd never listened to you! Go away, I never want to talk to you again!"

Pansy became angry. "What have I done wrong?" she thought to herself.

"Well I have news for you, Vera! Some morning, your Aunt Lucy is going to die on her kitchen floor!" said the teenager before she stormed away from her friend.

"Pansy?!?! Wait! Come back!"

But she didn't. She kept on walking, all the way home. The next day, when she had cooled off, she wrote down as many details as she could remember about her dream of Mrs. Perl's sister dying. She delivered it to Vera's mother in person, explaining the situation.

Unfortunately her information wasn't of any use in this situation either. And she became withdrawn herself.

"Why was I given this gift, if I can't help anyone? Lord, please take it back! I don't want it!" the teenager pleaded.

Then the phone rang. She picked it up.

"Hello, Pansy. We just got back from my sister's memorial. Vera and I would like to thank you. Because of what you told me, Vera had a chance to say goodbye to her aunt. And Lucy and I spent two wonderful weeks in Hawaii before she passed. She said it was the best time she'd had in almost 25 years."

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