A short look at how terrible power can be forged.

There was this hunger for salvation, the arms holding me must have been baptism & sanctification. I cleaned my footsteps at the mouth of the door & it ate the dust from my toes.


I must have wandered far because I brought the sea with me into the room & it roamed restless through the rafters & floor. The salt grime was on my lips. Maybe that was old tears but they were also in my hair, crusty like scabs.

The shadows on the wall seemed to waver each time the door opened & those eyes seemed to say; "just wait for night. In that pause of bird breath, I will take your body from you & leave you with your convictions."

There was a thirst in the air & my body seemed alive & ready to die. I waited with my clenched fists inside that darkness & it was morning before I could sleep. It was then they came, screaming in their sack cloth, ash stained faces & dusty feet.

They kept screaming & scratching at the door mouth, demanding my body be opened to their hungers. I clawed the walls trying to find purchase in this life but my hands were tired from carrying this body all these years. They gave way like an eroded beam & I fell into my body like a house without foundation.

You should see how these ones rushed through me seeking the power that was promised them. What they met though was a cage. As they rummaged through my bones seeking ways to control me, I picked the razor. They did not understand until Esu came to carry my body from the floor. Their scream grew louder but Esu had his headphones on and heard none of their plea for mercy.

In hell, I began my work. Each one of them was bound to me. I mean powers beyond ken. I was powerful enough to matter & I made sure my voice was heard. The first thing I did once my position was assured, was to break the spirits to subjugation then I broke my spirit too. It took me two millennia to get this done. Now I am back among the living, more powerful & very very hungry.

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