The Last Train


Love… An endless touch of divine feelings. Have you ever fallen in love with someone that no matter how much he or she hurts you, you can't stop loving the person? But does it change the way I feel?

My love life has been disastrous and filled with toxic energy. Yeah, it was like love wasn't meant for me. Each time I tried giving my whole heart to the person I loved. I ended up being ditched. Heartbreaks have always been a deal for me in a relationship. But everything changed when I saw Vanessa.

My friends do tell me about the so-called love at first sight and how they found theirs in a cool and beautiful environment. Mine was awkward. There I was in a restaurant sitting opposite the door with a coffee of $5 in my right hand and a big sugar doughnut of $10 in my left hand. Yeah, a low meal for breakfast, nevertheless, it was delicious.

I sat there eating and pondering on the codes I was writing for the company. Suddenly, the restaurant door opened. A 5 ft 10 lady walked into the restaurant, she wore a brown suit gown with a red scarf around her neck, then she turned towards my direction, as our eyes met. It was like time stood still and I was wrapped in the arms of love. It felt like I was being slapped in the face by emotions that make no sense. It was then I felt the impact of love at first sight. I wanted nothing more than to be with her.

She walked up to the waitress and ordered a hot chocolate with little milk. Immediately, I walked up to her calmly, so as not to scare her. We talked, then we both exchanged contacts. In no time, I proposed to her. Our relationship grew from a friend to girlfriend to finance and now my wife-to-be.

Day by day our love grew stronger and bonded by the unbreakable touch of Eros. But still, everything changed by just a little misunderstanding that broke the trust and bond we both had.

Vanessa had always had a straight eye on my Secretary. She complained to me about her seductive dressings and attitudes towards her each time she comes to see me at my office. I tried to rebuke my Secretary several times but her work intellect and how she drew more investors to my company made me ignore Vanessa's warnings. Until the day she caught my Secretary sitting on my lap. She was shocked, hurt, and broken by my act. I could see the pain in her eyes. She called my name "Collins…" dropped her bag in shock and ran out of my office. Even though we weren't doing what she thinks, I was still at fault. And I knew that I couldn't help myself.

I pushed my Secretary off me and ran after Vanessa. But she took a taxi.

Days passed. Weeks passed. I have tried several means to reach her. I have called her, texted her, even visited her home but she no longer lives there. All of her friends have refused to tell me her whereabouts. I know I hurt her, but I am so sorry. I can't live a day without hearing her voice or being close to her. My heart feels empty without her. Am broken by my mistake and I regret it. If only I had one chance to see her I'll set things right with her.

It was 5:45 Pm to New Year's Day. I was in my office sitting staring at my HP Ebook laptop, racking my brain on some financial ledgers I needed to arrange when my phone rang. I reluctantly picked it up to check who the caller was. It was Vanessa's friend, Maya. Immediately, I slide up the green call icon to receive the call.

"Hello…" I spoke on the phone.

"Hey, Collins, it's Maya."

"Yes, I know I have been trying to reach out to you for a long time now. But it seems you don't want to talk to me. Please help me speak to Vanessa. Please." I pleaded.

"Yeah… about Vanessa." She said in a calm and sad tone.

"Yes, what happened to my Nessa?" I adjusted the tie on my neck.

"She's fine. But…"

"But… what?" I asked frantically.

"She's leaving Wisconsin for New York City tonight."

"No… why?"

"She wants to start afresh. 'A New year, A New Life.' That is what she said to me this morning before she left for the subway station."

"What time did she leave? And which subway station?" I requested.

"The subway station Uptown."

"Okay, thank you." I ended the call and took my car key and drove out of the office park straight to the subway station uptown, which was six miles away from my office. Although, I was getting closer. But the traffic and roadblocks made it difficult for me to pass through because it was 11:45 PM to New Year.

So I got out of my car and ran to the subway station. I had only fifty-five minutes for me. I ran as fast as I could. As soon as I got to the subway station, the last train was already leaving, with my last strength I ran after it, down the tunnel. Hoping I will catch up with the moving train. But I couldn't. I lost her. "No….Vanessa… don't leave me…. Please." I shouted as tears rolled down my eyes.

Suddenly, I heard my name. It was coming from my back. Behind me.


I slowly turned to see who was that. It was Vanessa, standing next to the street light on a red gown with a black scarf around her neck. Her blonde hair was gently combed down to her neck. She was smiling. I couldn't hold myself, I ran to her and kissed her instantly.

"Am sorry, Mon Amour. Please forgive me." I pleaded.

"I would forgive you but on one condition." She said


"Would you come with me to New York?" She requested as she smiled with a curious look.

"Yes… yes, my love. I will journey around the world with you."

She smiled and kissed me passionately, as we both waited for the next train. Then the city clock ranged.

"Happy New Year, My Vanessa." I pecked her lips, while she placed her head on my shoulder. "I love you." She said to me.

Thank you for reading my story. Season Greetings and Happy New Year in advance from Nigeria.

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