Night has always been a gateway to do shitty things and get away with, sometimes you get caught. But sometimes you end up in a mess.

It was 9:30 pm that night, Jane and Jake were still up watching their favorite cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. It's so cute to watch them being so focused and engaged, while quietly seeing the cartoon, perhaps it could be something of interest. But this time they had exceeded their bedtime, which was 8:30 pm. Now I have to force them to bed, not forgetting to tell them Mr. Ben's adventures, their favorite bedtime story.

"Jane… Janet … " I yelled our their names

"Yes, mum!" They both answered.

"Turn off the TV, it's late already. Time for bed."

"Mum, just a little longer. The cartoon will soon end." Janet said.

"Turn off the Tv, now!" I replied with a husky voice, as I walked toward the living room from the kitchen, to make sure they did as I said."
Walking them upstairs to their home bedroom was always a daily routine because I enjoyed seeing them acting just like SpongeBob and his friends. The happiness they displayed always made me smile. Imagine going to sleep in a happy mood, I bet you, you will sleep like a bad, no nightmare.

"Mum, please read to us Mr. Ben's Adventures " Janet requested, in a voice that could change the heart of a criminal to that of a saint. I just couldn't refuse.

"Sure, my baby." I smiled at both of them.

"Mr. Ben was set to travel to the island of the youths. A place where you can go once you have gained the age, he and his friend's journey…, "
At that moment, I was lost in reading Mr. Ben Adventures tales. The quietness of the house filled the room, then I paused
and looked at them. My lovely kiddies were fast asleep. Suddenly, I heard a sound. It was like the sound of a broken object, and that was from the living room. I quickly gave a night kiss to my children on their forehead and I ventured to check what caused that noise.

The hallway leading to the kitchen was dark, so I took with me a flashlight. Just as I stepped my foot on the stairs, my mind made me think the sound was caused by those rodents. "Did the trap catch anything?" I said to myself, as I walked freely down the stairs.
Another sound again, but this time it sounded like an invasion, the sound of scattering objects from the living room was incessantly punching through the quiet of the night over and over again.

I slowly went down, and then I heard a voice. "Have you found it? Keep searching." It was at that point, I realized my house had been invaded by thieves. I tried calling my husband on the phone but he wasn't answering his goddamn calls. Maybe busy with work or sleeping at work. "Dial 911," I said to myself, as the thought swings into my mind.

"This is the 911 emergency center. What's your emergency?" The voice on the phone asked.

"Please there is a robbery attack in my house now, please I need help," I said, as I whispered into the phone to avoid drawing their attention.

"Hello, can you hear me?"

"Ma, please stay put. We're on our way."

"Hello! Can you… "

"Put the damn phone down, else I blow your brain off." The voice ordered as he pointed a gun at the back of my head.

Slowly, I dropped the phone on the floor, then raised my hands. I dared not look back because the gun was still pointed at my head.
He walked me towards where his other members were in the living room. There were four of them, all dressed in black, and wearing Mickey Mouse masks. "Who goes on a robbery with such a mask?" Two among them had a pistol and the other a double-barrel gun. They were tall, maybe 6ft except one, standing at a height of 5'10.

"Woman, where is the book of Levi?" The leader shouted.

"Please, I don't know what you're talking about." I refused to admit any knowledge of the book.

The book of Levi is an ancient book passed to me by my father and his ancestor. It contains an ancient history of God's creations and a map that leads to the garden of Eden. I have sworn on my life to protect it, no matter what the cause. That's why I refused to put it in the museum, so I held onto it.

"Do you think we're joking? Blade go get her children." He ordered one of them, which he obeyed without any hesitation.

"My children? No… please leave them out of this, please." I pleaded with them.

"Mum… Mum… help…"They both screamed.

At that moment, I was ready to do anything to take down those thieves and save my kiddies.

"One last chance." As he directed his pistol towards Jane, "where is the book of Levi?" He shouted furiously.

"I don't know, but if you dare lay a finger on my children. I'll make sure you spend the night with the Devil."

He placed his finger on the trigger spot, slowly pulling it, as I secretly placed my hands under the rug to reach for my hidden gun. He was ready to shoot. As he looked into my eyes and said. "You're going to lose him." Then he went for the trigger.


A straight headshot on the leader's head. That wasn't me, although my gun was in my hands now. But the rest of them had a red beam light on their foreheads.

"This is the Police. Drop all weapons, Now! The house is surrounded."

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