Have you ever wondered what triggers someone's mind into sleepwalking? Or what are they dreaming about?

Sarah woke from her sweet sleep, feeling as though she was drowned in a pool of fun as she felt so weak. She made her way out of the deep fun Paradise. Her brain felt so sluggish, and she couldn't quickly understand what had woken her. Then she heard a sound, her brain was filtering what she heard. Footsteps shuffling on the cold tile floors of her hallway.

"Barry again," she said in a husky voice
Barry must have been sleepwalking. Sarah stretched out her hands wide to gain relief and felt the familiar indent in the mattress. It was cold and empty, her husband was not back home this time again. Maybe he got caught up with lots of work at the office and needed to work overnight.

"What is the time?" She yawned, then rolled forward to reach the lamp. As her finger brushed a mug, knocking it off the edge of the bedside table. The content in the mug spilled off on the floor. "What is that?"
Her mind was still filled with deep wet sensation, still couldn't remember what fell, her body was weak, trying to regain her strength.

The footsteps moved from the hallway to the living room, a path he was familiar with. Every night, he sleepwalks, and when he wakes he doesn't remember doing such. Several therapists say, in that period, his mind is in a state of open world. Like the day hasn't ended for him. He is creating something there or having fun there or on the search for something, perhaps for relief from his mind. He always took the same route, from the hallway to the living room to the kitchen to the hallway, then back again. Over the years, I have been able to understand his behavior but still, I'm in search of a solution.

Tonight was different from the other nights. He was talking and taking his usual carefree movement, but quiet. His slippers scraped over the tiles to make a rough sound with his slippers "shh, shh, shh…" sounds.
Her finger was still in search of the lamp button. "Damn this!" She shouted as she stretched her hands further and found the button. Then she turned on the lamp, the shadows scattered to the deepest corners of the room as illumination fell upon the object in the room. On the bedside table were a beautiful flower vase, a hair comb, and an alarm device. She bent over the edge of the bed to see if the mug hadn't broken, but it was okay except the handle was off.

The shuffling footsteps moved through the kitchen. She could imagine her little son's face, his sagging face, cold and distant. So she walked towards the kitchen to get her son back to bed. Shh, shh, shh. His slippers dragged over the tiles as Sarah guided him to the path leading to his bedroom. Laying him down on his bed and slowly massaging his back accompanied with a sweet bedtime song. In no time he dozed off like a baby, taking back to his dream, maybe he's in wonderland.

Sweet Dreams cupcake, mum loves you.
A kiss to say goodnight now.

the end

Happy Children's day

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