Her Reflection// The Inkwell Prompt#27


There I was, as I stood looking at my reflection in the mirror. My big, plumpy, and overweight figure of me, I just couldn't accept my sudden transformation. My friends had left me, and also called me offensive names like a fat pig. Why me? Why didn't my parents caution me? Why didn't they control the rate at which I consumed junk foods? I thought to myself.

Today is a big day for me leaving home and going to college. Far away from my family and everyone I loved. I couldn't handle the thought of leaving, and meeting new people, will they accept the way i am or maybe they won't. Sometimes I share this thought with my mother and she would make me realize how beautiful I am from the inside because she understood me.

My parents were happy for me, as they made arrangements for my school and even planned to drive me to college which was an eight hours drive from home. But still, I wasn't happy, I wasn't ready to leave. I sat on my bed wondering what living without my would be like. If I would make any new friends? Would I be accepted? Then I heard a knock on my door.

"Yes, come in," I replied reluctantly.

My mum came in talking about how I'm delaying them, then she noticed my moody state. She suddenly paused, walked towards my direction, and sat next to me.

"Sarah" she called my name.

I slowly turned my face towards her with tears in my eyes, couldn't control the tears, then she pulled me closer to her and placed my head on her shoulder, as she rubbed my back slowly.

"Oh, my baby. It's alright dear." Her hands kept moving slowly on my back, as it made me stop crying.

"Why do you cry, my child?" She said to me with a calm voice.

"I don't want to go Mummy."

"Why Sarah?"

"I'm scared. Scared of being rejected because of my body size. Scared of being alone. Scared of leaving and not seeing you." I muttered.

"Oh, baby, you've been trying to cover up the pain and the shame. I'm glad you let it out. Baby girl, I want you to have this in mind. There's hope waiting for you in the dark, a hope waiting for you out there. And you should know you are beautiful just the way you are, baby you don't have to change anything or to please anyone, but the world can change its heart and see the real you. So no matter your body size or scars, you're beautiful Sarah. People will talk, but soon they will come to understand the importance of having you in their lives. So, my dear, you're beautiful just the way you are."

Then she raised my head, as I let out a bright smile.

"So Sarah, what do you say? Should we go?"
I smiled at her, "Yes mum, let's do this."

We arrived at my school. It was big, filled with different people and faces. I was afraid to step out of the car. Then the thought of what my mother said to me kept playing in my head. I kept looking from the car windows, then I spotted some group of curvy girls like me. They were happy together, as they marched into the building.

Then I said to myself, "You are beautiful just the way you're. You can do this."

With confidence, I opened the car door, stepped out, then at the mirror and smiled, as I waved goodbye to my parents.

The End

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