Dead for Seventeen Minutes


The stage lights were on as it was directed towards me, sitting next to the piano with my fingers on the keys, as I played and moved my fingers according to the tonic solfa written in the paper guide.

It was my school's musical night. An annual event that is hosted in Kingsway International School, events where students display their musical talents and skills. Ever since I was a little boy, I was always fond of the piano at home, so my parents enrolled me in a part-time musical school, where I developed my skills and learned more musical instruments.

The hall was filled with an audience listening. As they quietly observed my fingers and listened to my newly composed song. I glanced at the audience, as I frantically searched for my Dad, who ought to be fitted with my mom.

"If he missed this, I won't forgive him." I thought to myself, as my mom smiled at me from afar, after a short while, my Dad came in and sat next to her, while they both whispered to themselves.

Then, I ended my play and took a bow to the audience, as they all clapped and shouted my name. They were pleased with my performance.

After the event was over. My parents and I walked towards our car parked outside the school premises.

"You were wonderful tonight Templeton," mum praised me.

"Yeah, you did great boy, I mean best by far." Dad added

I smiled, then replied to him, "it's not a competition Dad."

"Are you kidding me Son? Life is a competition and don't you forget that son."

Then we stepped into the car, as my dad wore the seat belts. He asked me a question about my play.

"So Templeton, who's that composer, new guy or old guy?"

I paused, "Ummm, New guy."

"Oh, good. African or European?"

"What? American. I wrote it, Dad."

"Wait, you wrote it?" He was amazed.

"Yeah, I did, Dad."

"Oh, that's damn good for an American." He laughed.

"I am glad you made it Dad."

"Oh my boy, I wouldn't miss it for the world," as he duffs my hair.

I took out my earpiece and iPad to listen to some music. As I was about to stick the earpiece into my ear. Suddenly, an unknown man from the back seat of the car grabbed my neck tightly and pointed a gun at my head.

"Get out of the car! Don't look. Get out of the car now. " he yelled with his gun waving at my parents.

"Please don't hurt my son," my mother pleaded.

We slowly stepped out of the car.

"Get backup, backup… back up… don't loot at me. Get on the ground now!" He ordered.

I obeyed, but my Dad didn't, he rushed at him with a few punches trying to defend us. But the man used the edge of the gun to knock my Dad out. During their fight, my mum quickly dialed 911 and requested help. He noticed and shot her in the leg.

Immediately, I saw her shot in the leg, I freaked out. I saw the man's face.

"Ran Templeton, Ran…" mum shouted in pain.

I stood up and took to my heels, as the man chased after me, abandoning my mother. I did my best running but I couldn't run faster than a bullet.

He shot me from afar and the bullet pierced into my chest from the back as I fell on the floor and blackout.

"Get me scissors, cotton, rib spreader, forceps. We got a heartbeat." The doctor yelled.

After a while, I opened my eyes. I am alive. How is that possible? I thought to myself, then I tried to get out of bed but I experienced a sharp pain in my chest. "Ouch!"

"Whoa, stay still. You are okay now."
The doctor held my hands, as the nurse brought in some food for me.

"Wow, guess who's alive." She smiled.

"Was I dead?"

"Yes, we did our best and brought you back to life." Replied the doctor.

"My mum and dad, are they okay?"

"Oh, yes they are receiving treatment, and the guy that did this to you was arrested." The Doctor said as he used his flashlight to check my eyes, if the pupil constricts, the brain is okay."

"Oh, that's great. I thought they were dead. How long have I been dead?" I asked as I was curious.

"You were dead for seventeen minutes, Templeton. That's a miracle. It seems that the Big Man upstairs really likes you."

Then he left the room, as my parents came into the room and hugged me.

The End
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