Single Push.

Cottonbro Studio

I sat at the window frame of my room staring into the eerie forest. The trees moved their leaves due to the breeze and hummed the sweet aroma of home sweet home. I was back home and somehow, the silence of the forest brought a weird comfort to me. I continued to enjoy the peace when the door flew open and hit the wall loudly

"Miracle you're going to that party and that's final!"

I looked back at my best friend Kira and just let out a smile. Trust her to always want to have her way with things.

"But I don't want Kira. The only reason they invited me for that get together was just to see my achievements so far"

"That's not my headache. You are going"

Despite all the efforts Kira tried to convince me, all were in vain. There's nothing wrong with going to the get together but I didn't want to go back to people who I always felt inferior to. I wasn't bullied or anything but the way they carried themselves and the fact that their parents were richer than mine made me feel inferior.

Back in high school, I was just a poor scholarship student who had nothing. I had graduated with the best scores and had gotten into a prestigious university. Graduated as the best and got a job only for me to lose my job last week due lies told against me at work.

Me going for this reunion would only make me feel inferior around my mates because I heard some of them were making it big in their various professions. I would only be in the pity party bus and I didn't want that.

After much thought at my window seat,I decided to take a walk. I was really surprised Kira let it go but then again she knew she couldn't convince me because she knew what I had to go through in highschool. I walked down the street under the barely lit street lights with orange color. The cool breeze was chilling and I had goosebumps on my bare hands. I suddenly wondered why I didn't get a sweater before leaving the house.

I took a turn to pass through a shortcut when I heard the screeching sound of tires and almost immediately, I saw a blue car approaching me with such speed and I tried to run away but the car suddenly screamed to a halt. People with black masks came out of the car and I started running but I wasn't fit enough so it wasn't a surprise when they cut up with me. They held my mouth and dumped me into the blue car.

"Help me! Help me!"

My cry from inside the car. Tears were pouring down my face and I had different thoughts runnig through my head. If only I had listened to Kira and gone for the party maybe I wouldn't have been kidnapped. The car took off and we suddenly stopped at a house.

We came down and I was dragged into a room filled with clothes and all kinds of make-up. I was forced into a chair and a mean looking guy with a gun stood at the door. A weird girl came in and started with my makeup and after that, I was given a very beautiful dress to wear as well.

I was so shocked and this kidnap was so somehow because I had never seen this kind of kidnap at least in the kind of movies I watched.

After all this was done, my face was carefully covered and I then was forced into the car once again and the car took off again. The car stopped once again and then the sack used to cover my face was nice again, carefully taken off and then my face was forced to look outside the window and the lightning of the room took me by surprise but when I recognized where I was, my once surprised face turned into that of horror.

How was it that I was currently at the party I refused so much to attend? I turned once more to look at my kidnappers and saw that Kira was part of them. I grew furious almost instantly as I suddenly understood everything that was going on.

"Please before you go all angry and all, listen to me. I want you to go to this party at all costs and that was why I did this. I could go on and say we are best friends but then again we share a bond greater than what friends have so I can say we are sisters. I don't want you to have that feeling of inferiority anymore. Where is that friend of mine who bagged several results and is the best at everything she does?. I do not want you to feel down just because of a single set back. I want you to walk into this party with your eyes raised up and you being proud of everything you have achieved. You lost your job and so what?, Are you the first to lose a job?. Go in there and know I am your number one cheerleader and I'll always be cheering for you anyway, anytime."

This really brought tears to my eyes and I really wanted to cry so bad but I know I couldn't because Kira would surely kill me since she had to go through a lot to get this done.

I stepped out of the car with my head raised high and I took a deep breath before taking steps into the party hall. I was almost at the door when I heard a loud whistle

"Don't forget girl, I'd always cheer you on" I immediately burst into laughter.

"You couldn't get to be a cheerleader in high school Kira"

She just let out a smile and drove off.

I opened the door to the party and all I heard was music when I entered the room. Different people stared at me but I remember the words Kira told me and I've never felt so confident in all my life.

After that incident, I've always been confident and despite where I come from, I never let people look down on me. It had really changed my life and I became the managing director of a better company. I guess all it took was a single push.

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