It Speaks To Me And I Listen.

Roman Odintsov

What is music to me?

It's a beautiful art filled with amazing lyrics, beats and rhythms that would sweep you off your feet. The beauty of music itself cannot be explained. It's as if the lyrics speak to me in particular and just hits home for some reason. I use music most times to get through my day in any difficulties I'm having. Different occasions and different music and lyrics to vibe to.

On days where I'll come across a really cute guy on the street or maybe at the shopping complex, I'll come home and make sure to listen to thousands of love songs and I feel like the person singing really gets me at that very moment. I'll listen to those love songs, smiling like an idiot.

"Who's making you prance around listening to all these love lyrics" my sisters would question, but I'll only smile more with no explanation.

I'll see that maybe the guy isn't interested in me or is in a relationship and I have music to fall back to. I'll lay on my bed listening to heartbreak songs and it's funny though because at that moment, I feel like love is not for me but then the next minute I see another cute guy, I'm back to square one.

When I have hectic days at school and I come back home, I always listen to motivational songs because on those days, I feel like I should just quit. Schooling is so stressful and the expectations people like your parents and teachers have for you just makes you want to go insane sometimes but music helps me keep calm on those days. I feel more myself after listening to some songs and then I bounce back on my road to success.

Going to a party and having a vibe to different types of music is just the best. You'll dance, have fun, and just be filled with joy. Music brings that vibe really. Even in church when the choir would be singing, I find myself dancing even if I didn't want to because the music is just so interesting that you have no choice other than to dance.

Sometimes, while having bad cramps, music helps to soothe the pains away. I'll always lay on my bed listening to songs that will make me cry. Crying to those songs really soothes the pain away.

Even when reading in groups with my friends, we prefer being in our own little world listening to music with headsets and reading our book alongside. Most people might see it as a distraction but it actually helps me understand more. When listening to good music, you just forget worries and feel better immediately.

Listening to good music, for me, eases my mood and eases pain which I may have. It reduces the stress or heavy burden I have to carry as a person. I've always loved music and it's like my number one friend that won't stray from me. When I need something to laugh at, smile at, or cry to, I'll listen to music and it's just the best.

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