The Artist //The inkwell writing prompt

There was once upon a time a young man named Ade Aworinde.

He was a little boy who despised going to school but was compelled to do so by his mother, who herself did not attend school and therefore ensured that her son did not face the same fate.

Ade was on his way to school one day when he was distracted by a small lizard on the side of the road, and because he didn't want to go to school, he followed the creature to an unfinished building in the bushes, unaware of its past.

He entered with no fear, simply following the lizard, as he entered he discovered a girl tide up with a bloody rode and was about to run out of the building when she called out to him for help, with his eyes closed he charged forward to help the girl but made a large noise which alerted the bandits who were there, and he was also caught, Ade screemed"they are here' Ade is now in the hands of the bandits.

Ade's mother was at home waiting for her son to return; she began to be concerned after his classmates returned home; she was extremely concerned about ade; she looked from high to low, from left to right, and she could not find him in the entire village; she made a report to the police that her son had not returned home since the morning that he went to school and had not returned; a search was organized to find ade; the village was searched as if there was no tomorrow; people were searched.

Ade was pondering how he could get out of the bandit's lair while the bandit was around. So, after a few days, he noticed a change in their movement around the building, so he took advantage of it. He told the girl that if she helped him escape, he would go to the police station and report what was going on in the building, and she agreed.


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So, on the night of a full moon, the girl created a distraction to allow him to escape, but it didn't work. The bandits were aware of their plans, but Ade's small stature allowed him to slip through their grasp, and the escape was successful.

The first thing Ade did was go to the police station, but when he arrived, he was bombarded with questions, and he was unable to report on the girls condition.

Meanwhile, the bandits were afraid that the little boy would ruin their plans, so they relocated. By the time Ade was able to report, the bandits had relocated, making it more difficult to locate the girl.

Ade jeep yelled that they had arrived and that they should thoroughly check the premises, but they were not located there.

the police took Ade to the police station to ask some questions from Ade about the bandits, Ade were asked if he could recognize the bandits if he comes across with them, Ade screemed and shouted yes I could recognize one of them

Ade keeps weeping when they didn't see the bandits, Ade wasn't happy because he promised the lady he will make sure he came to rescue her, Ade has no choice than to go back home since they couldn't find the bandits.

On getting home Ade meets hid friends in the house and they were all discussing for a while before Ade left for bed.

The next day Ade was strolling very closed to where the bandits were before they left, then he saw a guy on bike who looks like one of the bandits, Ade wasn't that sure but he has to traced him to where he's going

Ade boarded a motorcycle and traced him to where he was going, Ade was very suspicious about the guy because the guy went to an uncomplicated building immediately he drop on bike

Ade rush home to inform his parents that he knew where the bandits are but Ade parents wasn't taking Ade serious, but Ade keeps weeping because his parents thought he is joking and doesn't know what he was saying so they didn't take him serious.

Ade left house to the police station to report to the police commandant that he knew where the bandits are, immediately Ade informed the police commandant, the police commandant ordered 8 police officers to follow Ade immediately to where the bandits are .

On getting to the uncompleted building, Ade and the police officers meet the lady tied up with rope and meet the bandits smoking and singing, "Ade shouted Here they are"
Ade was so happy to see the lady and was so happy he fulfilled the promise he made to her, The lady was so happy too and started shedding tears.

Ade quickly rush to her and untied her, then they both hugged themselves

The police then handcuffs the bandits and all left the uncompleted building to the car and the bandits are taken to the police station.
Ade was very happy to fulfilled his promise to the lady and the lady was so happy to be set free by Ade.

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