Shoes, Mood, Adventure//The inkwell writing prompt

Connie is a young girl of age 15, Connie is a student of kings international college osogbo
one blessed morning Connie wake us very late ,brush her teeth, took her bath and dressed up for school.

in the front of dalu filling station, Connie is waiting for a bus, it's shows on her face that she is not happy.she is dressed in her school uniform and a pair of leather shoes.

The more she wait the more the agitation to get away from where she stands, at a distance a young girl is also waiting and watching the girl

and the girl moved closer to the Connie, I'm Good mood Gorki says the girl, are you also waiting for the school bus asked by the girl
Connie reply hardly as she is shaking her legs and her mood is bad because she is late for school and she doesn't want to be punished in school for coming late.

Some minutes later Connie saw the bus coming from afar and was so happy then smiles, as the bus come closers Connie and Good mood Gorki smiles to each other and both entered the bus.

On getting to school, Connie and Good mood Gorki went to school late and the seniors in the school punish Connie and Good mood Gorki for coming to school late, they are also flogged by there class teacher Mrs Ibrahim on the assembly ground.

The students all marched in to there various classes from the assembly ground.
Connie was so surprised to see good mood Gorki in her class because she doesn't know they are both in the same class, they both became friends and do things together

Connie was glad she now has a best friend that she can confide in and at the same time Connie mood was not happy because she was flogged and all her classmates are making gest of her, her classmates were happy she was flogged because they all believe all the teachers likes her and doesn't want to beat her because she is a very clever and an intelligent girl.


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Connie mood was bad throughout because she was punished for been in school late
connie has only one best friend named Good mood Gorki, the rest dislike her because she is a very smart and an intelligent person,and can easy adventure on things easy.

Good mood Gorki noticed Connie mood is bad,she ran to meet her on her sit and keep on petting her, bell rang immediately"it's closing time"

They both hugged themselves and carry there bags and wire there shoes and both leaves the school premises.

Connie mum came to pick her up in the front of the school gate and they both waved to Good mood Gorki as they left.

On getting home Connie undressed her uniform and shoes and slept off immediately until something woke her up. She noticed a hairy creature with large friendly eyes and a wiggle in its gait. He had a night time job of turning frowns into giggles.

Wouldn't that be a great job? Good Mood Gorki, I will cheer you up with a magical adventure.They quickly bath,dress up and put on there shoes. They went towards the moon to a galaxy far far away from house, a land of sweets.

They landed on a cookie before bouncing off of the clouds I will let you listen/read to find out the rest because it's fun and it will put you in a good mood

Connie fell asleep so quick when she got home because the kids at school were rude to her and has no respect for her

She heard a noise that woke her up, & it was something hairy and scary.

It was Good Mood Gorki (fun-loving-caring person). He was here to cheer her up and play with her.

Connie is in a very bad mood because her friends at school had been nasty and rude.
A shaggy red creature with friendly eyes takes her on a fantastic excursion to cheer her up while she is attempting to go asleep. Connie escapes her bedroom to visit a beach, a volcano, a world of sweets, and a trip to the farthest reaches of the universe.

By the time she returns to her bedroom, Connie has forgotten about her bad day and she is very grateful to her new pal, Good Mood Gorki.

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