The journey to the top - The Ink Well Prompt - Fortune

The journey to the top.

Nobody made a fortune without breaking a few eggs.

Years after the fact Margo was sitting back in her penthouse apartment thinking about how she got there in the first place. The daughter of poor farming family from an unknown town in the middle of nowhere, wealth and prestige was something not known to her or anyone else.

The family worked the land as best they could to provide for themselves but it was often not enough. Margo wasn't like her parents, she was not strong physically and the work of the farm never called to her. Her parents could see this from an early age. She excelled at reading, writing and math.

The teachers at her schools always noticed her standing out from the pack. She was often ostracized for this fact by her peers as their lives have already been predetermined for them. They will stay within the town their entire lives and work the land just as their parents did.

She wanted more but this was not easy to achieve.

Money always becomes the deciding factor in things and she had very little. Luckily, teachers and others within the community could see she was a unique product from their town. A fund was created by the town to send her to college and continue her education. Margo would be the first recipient of this generous act.

She understood how difficult this was for everyone and has never forgotten about it. She finished her studies and started a small business that over time flourished into a thriving large business. The path was fraught with shattered expectations and personal growth.

In the business world she realized very quickly there are many that put on a smiling face while they cut you down behind your back. This type of behavior was foreign to her until she left her comfortable town decades ago.

Margo herself has become harder with age and experience. She's had many things happen to her and has done many things to others along the way. The path is not an easy one. Sitting in her penthouse sipping on a glass of wine reflecting this night isn't something she does often.

While weighing the choices she has made up to this point in her life she is content. The scale is tipped towards the good and that's the best anyone can do in this journey called life.

Maybe you'd like to write a story? Take the prompt and run with it. I'll look forward to reading yours.


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