Winners! Results of The Ink Well September 2021 Flash Fiction Contest!


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Hello and thank you to all the writers who participated in our Flash Fiction Contest. You guys are amazing! We received so many wonderful entries that it was nearly impossible to select winners. It makes us so proud to see the quality of work being produced here. Kudos to all of you!

Oh The Stories They Tell

We had a record-breaking 28 stories submitted to the contest. It was extra fun to read them, because in addition to enjoying each of these creative works we had fun seeing which of the prompts each writer chose, and how they crafted a story using the chosen prompt.

Here is the list of prompts writers could choose from, and how many stories featured each of them:

  1. No one knew where she was going. 9
  2. We watched the spaghetti slide slowly down the wall. 2
  3. The surface of the pond began to bubble and gurgle. 4
  4. We took the long way to avoid the cottage where the troll lived. 0
  5. There was unrest in the city that night. 7
  6. When the curtain moved, I felt a creeping sensation and gasped. 4
  7. The second time Mike and Maxine got married was better than the first. 3
  8. The sign by the door said, "Take an umbrella in case of rain." 1

Creative minds are fascinating! What, no one wanted to write about trolls?

Okay, let's get to the results of the contest.

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Contest Winners!

Let's have a quick drum roll, and reveal our contest winners. (Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum...)

We promised three prizes in the contest prompt post:

  • Best overall story (15 Hive): We looked for a great story line as well as character development, scene setting, story arc and resolution.
  • Most original (10 Hive): We looked for a story that surprised us with an unfamiliar theme or unusual story line.
  • Best story arc (10 Hive): We looked for a great story conflict, tension, and an excellent resolution to the conflict.

Congratulations to the winners!

These stories were well written and a joy to read.

But that's not all! We had so many wonderful entries that we just couldn't stop there. We decided to award a few "honorable mentions" among the many additional delightful and clever entries. Each of the following writers is receiving 1 Hive each:

Trust us when we say there were several additional highly qualified stories that we loved.

Thank you everyone! We hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we did. Please drop a comment if you have feedback on the contest. We will be planning our next one!

@jayna, @agmoore and @gracielaacevedo

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