theinkwell Fiction Challenge | Summer Season 2020

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Welcome to the Launch of The Ink Well Fiction Challenge Summer 2020. Below you will find the programme of prompts for the Season. Each week there will be a Challenge post with the week's prompt, starting Thursday 14 May. To enter, write your post and drop a link in the comments of the Challenge post.

Below the Programme, you'll find the Rules for Entry, followed by The Ink Well's Fiction Curation Policy. You'll also find policies about orginal work, plagiarism and cross-posting.

Look out for the Poetry Challenge!

The Summer Season Programme

WeekDate OpensDate Closes(Showcase)PromptAlternative Prompt
1Thursday 14 MayThursday 21 Maystarthe last time I saw you
2Thursday 21 MayThursday 28 Mayghostthe day the rains came
3Thursday 28 MayThursday 4 Junebeautya sorry tale
4Thursday 4 JuneThursday 11 Junethornthe goat
5Thurday 11 JuneThursday 18 Junewondera bowl of rice
6Thursday 18 JuneThursday 25 JunenervousAdé saves the day
7Thursday 25 JuneThursday 2 Julyinvisibleyou never can tell
8Thursday 2 JulyThursday 9 JulyAfricabrooding
9Thursday 9 JulyThursday 16 Julyfaceswildlife
10Thursday 16 JulyThursday 23 Julydaughterjourney
11Thursday 23 JulyThursday 30 Julymurdererdid you say camel?
12Thursday 30 JulyThursday 6 Augustalleyat the end
13Thursday 6 AugustThursday 13 Augustcitizensome you win

Rules for Entry

  • must be posted in The Inkwell Community
  • fiction must be a minimum of 350 words.
  • include tags: #theinkwell #challenge #story
  • title format: theinkwell fiction challenge | title of your work
  • post a link in the comments of that week's Challenge post

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The Inkwell Curation Policy: Fiction

The curation policy applies to fiction posts that are published in The Inkwell community and which are a minimum of 350 words. Posts will be reviewed against the categories below. From time to time, The Inkwell will publish opportunities for shorter pieces of creative work which may have different curation policies, for example, for fledgling writers or to encourage creativity.

SettingTime and place the story is set and whether this affects the story
Plot and structureWhat are the essential plot points? Does the story incorporate conflict, climax and resolution? Is it linear, chronological or does it move around? Are there themes? Is it believable?
CharactersHow are characters drawn in the story? What is their role in the story? Do they change or remain the same? Are they fresh and original or stereotypical? Are they believable?
StyleThe writer's use of language, imagery and tone (eg is it ironic, humourous, tender or dramatic?)
PresentationDoes the presentation and formating enhance the writing? Is the word count appropriate for the story? How does the writer use grammar and spelling? Is their use consistent?

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Original Work and Plagiarism Policy

  • original work that has not been published anywhere previously including Steem or Hive or Hive communities or social media.
  • exceptionally, posts may include previously published work which has been re-drafted or revised extensively (that is, 50% or more is new material).
  • images etc must be properly sourced and referenced.
  • plagiarism is unacceptable: please see the community rules.

Cross Posting Policy

  • The Ink Well welcomes cross-posting of content that meets the community rules.
  • Cross-posters are asked to limit cross posts to one per 24 hours.
  • Cross-posts, as they have been previously published, will not be eligible for curation by The Ink Well.

Exclusion Policy

  • Failure to meet the community rules or any other activity that, in the view of the moderators, is counter to the well-being of the community may lead to exclusion.
  • Generally, posters and cross-posters will receive a warning before exclusion, but in some cases, for example, plagiarism, posters may be excluded immediately.

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Please invite any lovers of poetry and short stories to visit the new hive community started by @raj808 and @stormlight24 called The Ink Well.

It is now possible to follow The Ink Well curation trail on Hive blockchain with Hive.Vote. Simply navigate to the curation trail section and search for theinkwell and our trail will pop up as an option.

If you wish to delegate to @theinkwell and support creative writing on Hive, you can do this from the wallet section in PeakD.

A big thank you for our delegations from: @iamraincrystal @kaelci @raj808 @riverflows @shanibeer @trucklife-family

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