The Ink Well Newsletter: Curation Updates, Allowed Content, Upcoming Contest and More!

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Hello Beautiful Community!

Thank you for all the work you share in The Ink Well. We look forward to each day and all the new treasures that will be published to the community. We are also seeing more interaction and mutual support between our community members.

Thank you for helping to make this a great community.

Okay, onto the news.

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Curation Updates

For a few days, our curie connection was not working. So we apologize for that, as were not able to give the larger rewards for high quality work. It was been fixed now, but if you are wondering why your wonderful story did not get the rewards it deserved, that is the reason.

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Allowed Content

We update our community rules from time to time to ensure that it's very clear what kinds of content we do and do not accept in The Ink Well.

Our team reads every single story published here and we reward the best work. We also look for any violations of our rules, such as plagiarism or brutality of women, and we take action accordingly.

The rules are freshly updated. Even if you are familiar with them, please read them again.

To be very clear, none of the following are allowed in our community:

  • Plagiarized content
  • Cross-posts or reposts of previously posted content
  • Stories depicting brutality of women, children or animals
  • Content with excessive violence, blood or gore
  • NSFW (not safe for work) content, e.g. explicit sex or erotica
  • Hate posts, abuse, trolling, racism, sexism, homophobia, threats of violence or bullying
  • Essays, articles, poetry and other creative work besides short stories

We want The Ink Well to be a safe and welcoming place for writers and readers, even those who are very young, or have been through life experiences that make them sensitive to certain topics.

If you wouldn't show the story to a child, your grandmother or a victim of abuse, it is not safe for The Ink Well.

Need story ideas? Please refer to these two posts:

We also encourage all community members to consider writing about original themes. If you find yourself recycling or revisiting story ideas and themes, consider pivoting to something different and new.

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Content Quality

Quality is important. The goals of The Ink Well are to foster creativity and growth, to shine as a community, and to help writers earn an income for their work. Content published in The Ink Well reflects upon all of us. Therefore:

  • We seek quality writing, and expect that every writer will edit their work before publishing in our community.
  • We will provide feedback that your story needs more work if it is full of errors and misspellings.

The following post in our catalog of writing tips provides excellent resources for finding and fixing errors in your content: Help for the Grammatically Challenged.

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Upcoming Contest

We will be launching a contest in the last week of July. We will be going a bit dormant that week to give our staff a summer rest, and during that week we encourage all community members to take the time to develop stories to be submitted in early August. More details coming soon!

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Community Involvement

We request in our community rules and in the rules for every writing prompt that when you publish in The Ink Well you also take the time to read and comment on at least two other writers' work each week.

This mutual support is critical for the health of our community.

And remember that the rewards for Hive posts are split between the writer and the curators! You are paid to read and support other writers, just as you are paid to publish.

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Our Manifesto

Please check out The Ink Well Manifesto, if you have never done so. It provides the mission of The Ink Well, information about rewards and income, and more information on our policies.

The manifesto was updated on 5/19/21.

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Thank you for reading our newsletter. And thank you for being a part of our community. We are here to encourage you and help you on your writing journey.

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