The Ink Well Highlights Magazine #23


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This periodic magazine highlights a small selection of short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote. Thank you to all authors in The Ink Well for sharing your creative work!

Important Note

We are showcasing authors who have contributed well-written and edited stories, have read and commented on the work of other authors and comply with all of the community rules posted on our home page. These activities help our community thrive and grow!

The following are just a few of our favorite stories from September 27 - October 3, 2021.

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Featured Author: @diebitch
Covid and Lonliness


Image source: Pixabay

As she was pulling back the curtains, a shadow flickered in the corner of her eye. She snapped her head and looked down. The silhouette of a woman appeared on the street below. She seemed to be bent down in Aria's neighbor's garden. From Aria's vantage point, she could just see a shadow. She wondered who had been intrepid enough to flout the lockdown and venture outside. -@diebitch

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Featured Author: @mosin-nagant
Deja Vu


Image source: Author's artwork

When he stepped down, the conductor waved at him from one of the carriages with a smile. The man was silent for a moment and thought that the pale-faced conductor's smile seemed a bit strange. He remembered the smile of the previous train conductor. That smile, if you remember it even feels scary. It was a very wide smile, curved like a crescent moon and the corners of the lips almost reaching the eye sockets. -@mosin-nagant

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Featured Author: @justclickindiva
The Plunge


Image source: Author's artwork

Looking at it brought back the memories. At seven, he began having dreams about water chasing him. Upon waking, he knew it was silly. But the dreams became increasingly disturbing. Each time, the water came closer. He'd wake many nights sweating and screaming for fear the water would overtake and drown him. -@justclickindiva

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Featured Author: @kaerpediem
The Troll Mysteries


Image source: Canva

These stories got wilder and scarier over time. It all started when the cottage was built by Old Man Tommy's forefathers. They had crossed lands and rivers to build a home in these lands. But little did they know it belonged to a troll. -@kaerpediem

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Featured Author: @litguru
In the Shadows of Mount Nuru


Image source: Author's artwork

In the morning of his eighteenth birthday, Elemar woke up and found out that he no longer had a shadow. He hadn’t realized it until he stood with his back to the window, enjoying the rays of the morning sun rising above mount Nuru, when he realized that he was missing this immaterial, though not inconsequential detail. -@litguru

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Featured Author: @juanvegetarian
Shadow of the Sky


Image source: Pixabay

It was dark when he arrived. There were flood lights but no one was around. No doubt that people had already combed through the area for pieces of meteorite and found nothing. -@juanvegetarian

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Featured Author: @b0s
The Shadow Man


Image source: Pexels

It happened when I was just six years old. I was asleep when I heard someone call my name. His voice was very light and faint, I could barely hear it. I woke up and looked around, but there was no one there. After some time I laid back again. He called again. -@b0s

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Thank you for reading our short story highlights magazine!

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