Advice From A Former Rebel




"Ugh my head. Where am I?"

I slowly start to open my eyes. My vision starts to clear up as I begin to absorb my surrounding. There are other people asleep all over the room. I, like them, must have passed out somewhere during the party. Man, the party was wild and crazy. A lot of great vibes, drinking and pretty girls. I sure had my share of fun this weekend.

I get pulled back to reality when my phone starts to ring.

"Hey mum".
"Oh Tim thank God. I've been really worried. Y-you didn't come home from school yesterday. You didn't call. Are you ok?"
I can hear mum's shaky voice. It sounds like she's been crying.

"I'm ok mum. I've been at Barry's place. There was an awesome party."
I explain with a smirk on my face. The hangover is really starting to hit me now.

"Awesome? Why didn't you tell me or pick up my calls or even text. I was scared you got hurt. Do you even care?"

"I said I'm fine mum. I'll be back home soon, ok?"

"No this is not ok Tim. You're in a lot of trouble young ma..."

Ugh. I just couldn't take anymore of her nagging. My head hurts so much. I can't stay in this house any longer. I wander out into the street where I stop a taxi.

"Where to?"

I think of going home. Mum has been really worried but I'm really not in the mood for any drama today.

"24 East Kepler Street".

The taxi man drives me to my Uncle Chad's house. Uncle Chad is Dad's younger brother and kind of my best friend. Even though he's like twice my age, he gets me more than everyone else. I walk up to his door and knock.




"Uncle Chad! You home?"

Uncle Chad opens up the door excited to see me.

"Oh hey Kiddo. Your mum called. She's been looking for you. What's up?"

"I'm good and you know how mum can be sometimes." I say defensively.

"Well come on in and join me for breakfast."

Uncle Chad is really cool. He lives alone and doesn't have to listen to anyone. He's got his own business as an affiliate marketer and makes cool cash from home. What a life! I bet he's life is really awesome.

"So you like bacon?"

"Sure I'll have some."

Uncle Chad serves me some food which I begin to scarf down. I didn't know I was that hungry. Must be the alcohol from last night.

"Hey Tim. Talk to me man. How've you been?"

"Yeah Uhm, I'm good. I mean, nothing great's been going on but I'm cool I guess."

"Mmhh. Your mum says you've been doing bad at school. You wanna talk about it?"

"Uhm you know, I really don't think high school's for me."

"What about your mum? Sounds like you've been giving her a hard time."

"Yeah it's just that ever since dad died she's been getting to me a lot. Well I can take care of myself. I don't need her and I don't need school. I mean look at you. You weren't so great in high school but you're pretty successful now."

"Oh and you think my life was great? You really shouldn't talk about your mum that way."

"Oh God not you too."

"You know, I used to be just like you. I used to love skipping school, going to parties, alcohol and doing everything my mum told me not to do. It was my way of dealing with the pain of growing up without a dad. I always gave my mum a hard time even though she always stuck by me. My brother, your dad, was the perfect kid. Always did great in school, really athletic and obedient but I was the black sheep. My mum would always pray and cry for her little boy to change but I got worse. I got mixed up a lot with the wrong crowd and it got me sent to juvy at 15."

"Damn Uncle Chad. I didn't know."

"Yeah well my mum used to come see me every week in juvy until one day she just stopped coming. One day, my brother came by and told me mum had a heart attack and was in the hospital. I was so devastated man. I knew it was my fault. I always gave her a hard time so I prayed everyday that God take me instead. On the 4th of may 2003, I got news that she had passed and there and then, my world ended. I was scheduled to be out a week later. When I got out it took me a while to learn to manage the guilt. I swore to be a better person and that's what I did."




"I'm really sorry Uncle Chad."

"Look buddy. I know it's hard with your dad gone. I miss him too but I don't want you to make the type of mistakes I made. You might not think you need your mum but she needs you more than ever."

After eating, I thank Uncle Chad and start to walk back home. I just can't get his words off my mind. He's right, I've been giving mum a hard time and she doesn't deserve that. Even though she gets on my nerves a lot, she always has the best intentions for me. I have to do better!

Getting home, I walk up to the front door and ring the doorbell. For the first time in a long time, I'm really happy to be home. The door opens up and I'm even happier when I see her.

"Hey mum..."


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