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Waking up in a early morning, Temi look up to the sky, looking at the beautiful nature sky is encompasses in and the radiation of the true beauty of creation, he knows that's another opportunity to set out for a fruitful day.

Temi is a long time farmer in the family of six. In fact Temi is the father of a family of 6 including his wife called Juliet and his remaining four children.

Ade, Funke, Tope, and the last born Tolu. Temi is blessed with 4 kids which are 2 sons and 2 daughters. Ade and Tope happens to be the 2 sons and the first and second Born respectively and then Funke and Tolu happens to be the third and fourth born respectively making the family of six complete.

Just as he always do, Temi jet out to sought out how the day will be a fruitful one and will the product be enough to feed His family. As day goes by, Temi get tired About the financial state of his family looking at how his four children is well grown up and looking at the state of standard of living they are all in compared to other family.

Oh I forget to tell you some things about Temi, Temi is a well known farmer in the community of ijale which comprises of close to 300 people. Well that can also be called a community.

Every day, Temi been who he is , always look out for massive opportunity to cater for his family and this has made Temi to be regarded as jack of all trade. But poor man, you can't blame Him, he has so much responsibility on ground that he can't just let go. He need to massively hustle to cater for His family.

So early in that morning faithful day, he jet out to explore his farm. Temi has been forseening the harvest period for His produce on the farm so that he can make some sale which at least will bring in some cash for his family and at least try to meet some family needs.

Getting to the farm, going around with his business of his Day and doing the usual things he always do. But as he always till the ground, he felt sad and depressed because they more he till the farm, when it is time for harvest, the level of his hardwork produce little output which at the end of the day is not always encouraging.

Quickly finishing his business for the day, he jet back home hoping the work for the day is done. Such a pity as he always work home ,he always work with so much sadness and depression all written on his face.


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Gotten home, he discovered that nobody is quite at home, contemplating on resting a bit, he hear the voice of his elder and Frist born Ade calling him

Papa! Papa!! Papa!!! He rose up from the bed and rush out to meet his first born. Surprisingly, They exchange pleasantly at first.

Papa, Something is happening at the King Palace. Ade tell his father

Temi in anxiously asked what is going on, in no time to waste and out of nervousness, he pick up himself and move straight to the king palace to see what is actually going on over there.

Getting there, he already meet a large crowd gathered there and out of anxiously, he saw some white people discussing with the king cabinet within. He stand beside and join the crowd that stood expecting what is going on.

After some few hours, the king march out to relieve the anxiousness on people face. He told me and address the crowd.

"It is a joy to have in our midst our Brethen from the America, they have come as the world farm growth Organisation, I will give them the floor so that they can address us all"

Then a cool tall white man step out to address them in English why they come and their intention.

"We are here majorly because of the grant happening around the country which we believe some of you might not have hear before, it is a grant for farmers to support and help to boost the growth of the farming of some of the farmers in some villages and communities around the country Nigeria"

Each farmer is entitled to 3 million naira grant which they can use to get product, tools and chemicals to increase the output of their farming, increase their living standard of them and their families and at all the living standard of the country.

Names was pen down. Names of farmers, without hesitating, Temi pen his name down and their account details was requested. Temi submitted his. After the collection of the details, they were requested to return back home that the grant will be sent to their various accounts details but they were warned that the money is to be used to boost the farming result and not to be spend anyhow, in fact any farmer found spending his grant anyhow will be arrested and severely punished.

3 days later, Temi woke up by the sound ringing on his phone. Checking it. He saw the credit alert of 3 million naira showing on his account. In shock, he shouted and leap for joy.

Though before the day, he and his family have made a well detailed plan on what they will do with their 3 million grant and several goods was written down like fertilizer, more seeds, tools, equipment like tractors and many more.

The next following day, they jet out to the market to get what they have written and bought everything in joy and expectation that this gotten will definitely boost the growth of their farming occupation in the family

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