The Ink Well Contest: Week Two Final Draft - The Story Begins When I Was Six

I was six and always wanted to keep my mum happy, but now I feel I always annoyed her with my naughty actions. I didn’t like the thrashing, so I thought it was time to change or face the music. Yes, that’s the first thing I struggled with while growing up. She never agreed with me-

Sunny, are you done with your food?

Mum, I don’t like vegemite and cheese sandwiches. Give me pizza

No, finish your sandwich... now!

Mum, please can I have some coke

My mum never agreed with me!

When I was seven, I wasn’t even aware, what I did so wrong to annoy Mrs. Lara, my teacher, or why she was so rude to me. I tried my best to please her because I knew my cute looks and innocent face were not much help, but my actions could make a difference.

But all my actions went against me! I so hated when my teacher came to me and said-

Are you sure you don’t want to go sit in the naughty corner?

I thought, what was so wrong with pulling Diana’s hair? Look, I didn’t mind when she kicked me in my leg.

Soon I was ten and in the fifth standard. I was trying my best and doing fine with my studies. But honestly, sometimes I felt as if I didn’t fit into this world.

I was absolutely sure I could meet the demands of my parents and teachers. Also, I loved playing cricket and badminton. I thought I had a bright future as a sportsperson in the coming years. But I also knew that my father was dead against sports, he wanted to see me as an engineer.

I remember my tenth birthday, dad's eyes were sparkling with dreams when he asked,

"What do you want to be as an adult?"

I almost said, "A sportsperson", but I stopped and said, "Engineer".

Sure, I did not want to disappoint my dad by revealing the truth. I could see happiness in his eyes at that moment, but I am sure he did not notice the sadness in my eyes.

I wanted to cry and tell him, "Dad, I want to go to sports college.

I was a good cricketer and a successful player at school. I continued practicing without bringing it to my father’s notice.

At fifteen, I was in high school and doing well in my studies and also playing my favorite game, cricket. I played in the interschool tournament and was selected for the district team.

I absolutely loved it when my coach said, "You have a chance of being selected for the state team"

What a lovely feeling that was! At that point, I thought I owned the world.

However, I couldn’t do it because my father came to know about it through the newspaper about my school winning the interschool trophy with me in the team picture.

That was the end of my cricketing career. My father sent me to boarding school for further studies away from home when I was sixteen. I had no choice but to forget all about my first love, cricket.

I wish I could tell you about my agony, but being a brave boy, I overcame that disappointing phase. Then I thought, can I do both? Can I be a cricketer and also become a successful engineer?

I was crying inside but said, "Nothing to worry about, Sunny! You are a little different from what you were yesterday. But that’s what life had for you.

At nineteen, I was in engineering college. I did well by cracking the national engineering exam with top grades and was admitted to one of the most reputed engineering colleges in the country. My dad was glad and told everyone about my success.

So cricket wasn't anymore in my life, now I was playing badminton. I was doing great and soon made it to the college badminton team. The team, most respected in the world of badminton since most national players started their journey as students of my college, having the best coaches in the country. I was doing great at badminton with my physical fitness and the advantage of my height.

I was good at studies, talented, and, above all, possessed strong willpower. If it hadn’t been for these qualities, I would break down what I went through at that age! You know, if you follow your heart and passion, your choices feel like taking a new flight high in the sky.

It's better to adjust to the situation and take advantage of the beautiful opportunities life offers to you. I had my opportunity but was I happy? I remember talking on the phone with my dad the day my result was declared-

My Dad- I am glad you have cleared your exams with top grades. Have you decided what to do now?

Me- Yes, dad, I have cleared the campus selection for a multinational. I will join them as a production engineer.

I wanted to tell him that I just got selected for the national badminton team but kept quiet

Dad: I am sure that job would be to your liking.

Me: Yes dad, you know I wanted to be an engineer.!

I was crying inside! But I knew my father will get hurt if I told him the truth.

Dad: Yes, sure, it is an excellent profession. By being a skilled engineer, you can do a great service to the nation.

I wish I could tell him that by playing for the country I would probably do a greater service to our country!

Today I am 23, an engineer. I am in the national badminton team and a trainee engineer for a multinational. I managed most of it by keeping a perfect balance between my parents’ choice and my own!

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