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Tosin felt a flush of happiness as she scan through her wardrobe for a beautiful outift for a date with Timini, her long time friend. It'd taken her by surprise when he had called, asking her to get dress for a date.

She had said yes Instantly as it cheered her soul. They both had been friends for years and none them saw their friendship leading to anything romantic. It'd been platonic for years.

Although, she admired and liked him, but had never thought of dating him. He had always been supportive, caring, and kind towards her.

He was tall, dark-skinned, and brawny. He had grey almond-shaped eyes infringed with long lashes. He had high cheekbones, a pointed nose and delicate brown lips. His cheeks dimpled whenever he smiled.

Timini was cut-looking and a man every lady would dream to have. She saw herself not good enough for him and had shoved away her feelings for him at the time she fell in love with him.

She knew the kind of ladies he loved, the kind he wanted as a wife, and didn't see herself in that shoe.

It wasn't obvious that he felt the same way for her. Never for once had Timini said anything about love, so she had guessed he wasn't in love with her.

She giggled as she chose a white off-shoulder top, a pair of blue jean and a black sandal to match. She slipped into the clothes, styled her hair into a high puff, and applied light make-up on her face.

Tosin put on a black dangling ear-ring and a bracelet wristwatch. She sprayed her perfumed, Roseline and smiled as she gazed at herself in the mirror. She couldn't wait to be with Timini.

She wondered what the date was all about.

His eyes shifted to the diners by his left, they were holding hands and having a tete-a-tete. The man looked deeply into the eyes of his woman as he spoke, and a broad smile spread across her cheeks as she listened.

Timini shifted his gaze from them and it hovered over the rest diners; everyone was with their partners except him. The chair in front of him was empty, Tosin was yet to arrive.

He was tensed, and wondered why she hadn't come. Could it she had changed her mind? he thought. He twisted his wrist to check the time and let out a soft breath.

It was six minutes to the hour of 8pm, and she hadn't shown up. This bothered him for she had sounded happy on the phone when he had told her about the date.

He signalled to the waiteress striding forth and she stopped at his table.

"Good evening, sir," she said.

"Good evening. I want to make an order. " He picked up the menu list on the table and scanned through their food and drinks. "Em.. I think Hennessy would do."

"Okay, sir. I will be right back," she told him and walked away.

Timini picked up his phone to call Tosin, but changed his mind and placed the phone on the table. He felt he shouldn't so it wouldn't seem he wanted to see her badly.

The waitress arrived in no time with the drink and placed it on the table. She opened it and filled a glass for him.

"Thank you," he said.

"You are welcome." She sauntered away.

He sipped the drink, his eyes fixed on the door. He dropped the glass and folded his arms, she should be here in no time, he said to himself.

Then, he caught a glimpse of her outside as she locked the door of her car. His eyes gleamed as she sashayed In, she looked elegant.

She stopped to search for him with her eyes, and he waved; she spotted him and walked to his table.

"Good evening," she said, In a small voice.

He rose on his feet, drew the chair back and she sat. "Good evening, Treasure."

"I am so sorry I am late. There was traffic on my way here,' she said, with a gloom on her face.

"No, it's okay. That shouldn't make you sad. I am not upset."

He face brightened up when he said this. "Thank you."

"You are beautiful." The words slipped out of his mouth and he bit his lower lip.

"Thank you," she said, avoiding his eyes.

The waitress who had served him his drink approached his table again. "Sir, would you like to order for anything?"

He looked up and said, " Yes, I was about to call you."

She smiled and said, "What's your order?"

He arched his left brow at her direction and she said,
"Water would be fine."

"Okay, ma." The waiteress left.

"Are you sure you need only water?"

"Yes, it's fine by me."

He picked up the glass and sipped the drink, he rubbed the back of his neck as he dropped the glass. He didn't know how Tosin would react to what he had to say.

He swallowed hard and sighed. "I don't want to waste your time and keep you for so long. I will like to go to straight the main reason why we are here"


"We have come a long way and have been very good friends. We know each other and can't tell almost everything about ourselves."

She nodded and drank some water which the Waitress had served.

"I am thinking, what if we take it to the next level?"

"I don't get you."

"Tosin, for the past few weeks we didn't see each other or talk to each other, made me realize how much I love you. I can no longer hide my feelings, I need to come out and tell you."

"Tell me what?" she cocked her brows.

"Don't you understand. I love you and I want you to be mine," he said.

She gazed at him, nursing the glass of water. This made his heart thudded in his rib cage as he waited for her to speak. He had expected her to express surprise or shock, but she was calm.

"What took you so long?"

He stuttered. "W-w-what do you mean?"

"Why do you have to wait for so long?" her brows arched in question.

"I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

She stretched forth her hands and he held it. "There is no doubt that we are in love which is something that we can't hide. On different occasions, we have expressed this love, but we pretended not to notice. "

"You are right. We have been pretending and I don't want to anymore." He squeezed her hands gently. "Will you be mine? " he asked.

She shot him a wide smile and said, "Yes, I will be yours. This has always been my desire."

"Thank you." He kissed her hands and his face gleamed.

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